The Restaurant List

If you’re an avid reader of my blog then you may have noticed that *spoiler* I eat a lot of food. You may also remember me mentioning my trusty restaurant in a blog post of two.

The list was compiled around a year ago when I realised

  1. there were loads of places I wanted to go and
  2. I could never remember the names of any of them when it was time to think of somewhere to go for food, be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner – I mean seriously, I know I’m not that young anymore but heck my memory is NOT what it used to be.

So yes, the list was compiled and saved on my phone, ready to be reeled off to my boyfriends/friends/family whenever they asked the immortal question – “so, where do you fancy going to eat?”.

Unfortunately (of fortunately, depending on how you look at it) London’s restaurant scene is absolutely booming at present and I have to say I’m not able to cross places off as quickly as I like to add them so although there are many places I’m crazily keen to try they often get bumped for other newer places that pop open in a bid to keep the list a sensible length.

Anyway – I thought if the list is handy for me…well it may be handy for you too…so I decided to share it with you here on the blog. I’ve included the full list which means some of the places I’ve already been to (they’re highlighted in blue, I think) so if you click on them you can read about my visit…clever huh!

I also thought I’d also split them up in to categories as I picked certain places for specific reasons…(I either have way too much time on my hands or I’m just a really anal person)…for instance some places are better for brunch whereas some are slightly more special occasion.

…and I also (jeez, this is getting silly) made a little note about each place so you have an idea of what it is that made me want to go there.

Oh and lastly, I thought I’d also make the list a picture (right at the bottom of the post) so if you wanted you could save it to your phone for future reference. I know right, I’m an absolute genius! And have something of Monica Gellar about me. Anyways…without further ado…THE LIST!


These are great places to while away the hours on Saturday or Sunday with a group of friends, family or just your other half.

The Riding House Cafe – Chorizo, hash brown and poached eggs, YUM – Central (Fitzrovia)

The Breakfast Club – Always a queue but it’s worth the wait! Various Locations (Soho)

Granger & Co. – Brunch done down under style – West (Notting Hill)

The Duck & Waffle – Breakfast with a view –  The City (Liverpool Street)

The Boundary – Rooftop, summer lovin’ – East (Shoreditch)

Bistroteque – Pancakes with bacon & maple syrup – East (Shoreditch)

Balthazar – Classic Brunch in ornate surroundings – Central (Covent Garden)

Easy Eats

Somewhere to grab a quick meal, it won’t break the bank and battered converse won’t look out of place.

Pligrims Pizza – Street food van turned restaurant – Central (Carnaby)

Shake Shack Burgers – American import with cartoon looking burgers – Central (Covent Garden)

Giant Robot – American/Italian Hybrid with great cocktails – The City (Clerkenwell)

Shutterbug – Won’t Crepe your style – East (Shoreditch)

Wishbone – Nandos but good – South (Brixton)

Red Dog Saloon – Spicy chicken wings and giant ribs – East (Hoxton)

Song Que Cafe – Apparently the best Vietnamese in London – East (Shoreditch)

Dishoom – Bombay style cafe – Central/East (Covent Garden/Shoreditch)

Pitt Cue – Meat feast – Central (Soho)

Patty & the Bun – Ari Gold Burgers – Central (Bond Street)

Tramontana – Delicious Spanish Tapas – East (Shoreditch)

Bodega Negra – Mexican gets SEXY – Central (Soho)

Beagle – Krankbrothers restaurant, hidden in the Hoxton Arches – East (Hoxton)

Dukes Brew & Que – Love BBQ food but don’t have a garden or BBQ, this is your answer! – East (Haggerston)

Something Special

Birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions or when you’re feeling a bit flush and flash.

STK – Mini wagu beef burgers, hubba, hubba – Central (The Strand)

Chiltern Firehouse – A list hangout with amazing food – Central (Marylebone)

Berners Tavern – Modern British – Central (Oxford Circus)

Gymnkhana – A very posh Indian – Central (Mayfair)

Sketch – If only to use the loos – Central (Mayfair)

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Locanda Lotelli – Michelen star baby – (Marble Arch)

Bocco Di Lupo – Archer street Italian – Central (Soho)

Coq D’Argent – Living like a banker – The City (Bank)

Hawksmoor – The best steak in town? – Various

Duck & Waffle (again) – The signature dish is a must – The City (Liverpool Street)

Galvin La Chapelle – French fancy – East (Spitalfields)

Sunday Roast Dinners

Roast Beef, pork, chicken, duck, lamb and all the trimmings – except afterwards you can’t roll onto the sofa.

The Smokehouse – Smokey meat yummy! – North (Highbury & Islington)

The Cat & MuttonIf you can stand the hipster waiters  – East – London Fields

Foxlow – From the people behind The Hawksmoor – The City (Farringdon)

The Narrow – Gordon Ramsey’s and right on the river – East (Wapping)

Niche Nibbles

For those times when you just want something a bit different and kitsch

The Pudding Bar – For the Dessert lovers among you – Central (Soho)

Bubbledogs – Champagne and Hotdogs anyone – Central(Charlotte Street)

Champagne & Fromage – Errrm, Champagne and Cheese, need I say more. – Various (Brixton/Covent Garden)

So that’s my list. I tried to keep it compact but it just kept growing and there’s more and more and more and more places opening up all the time! I swear you could eat in a different restaurant every night for ten years and still not try all the ones you want too. I’ve also noticed that I haven’t ticked off many of the ‘Something Special’ restaurants – need to up my dinner game, that’s for sure!

Have you tried any that I haven’t? Are there any cardinal sins on the list that you think I should remove immediately or are you dying to go to some of these too? Are there some that I should add immediately? Food, eh…it’s bloody brilliant isn’t it.

Oh and here’s the list in small, in case you want to add it to your phone or something…


Thanks for reading! 🙂


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