An Evening with Christopher Raeburn + Dinner at Rosas

One night last week my pal Kate (you can follow her on twitter here @KateVonBroad. Expect a plethora of love related quotes, lots of sparkle and good few festival reviews) anyway, she nabbed us two tickets to the Shine Bright Studio on Brick Lane. On that particular evening the amazingly talented Christopher Raeburn was giving a talk on his journey so far from Royal College of Arts graduate to winner of the British Fashion Award for emerging talent – menswear designer 2011.




We arrived early – eager beavers that we are and grabbed a couple of Vitamin Waters (Sponsors of the space and event) from the fridges inside. I really wasn’t feeling great so picked up the antioxidant (blueberries, acai berries and pomegranate) one before realising I didn’t like it and promptly swapping for Kate’s Power-C (dragon fruit) option.



We then took two seats (which were provided by TOG furniture) in the second row, we didn’t want to be total teachers pets in the front row but wanted to be close enough to the action.



Just after 7pm Christopher took to the floor and began his story. From Art college graduate to sellout success it was a refreshing fashion tale that involved an obsession with his Air Cadet uniform to remaking, recycling, sustainability and clothes being just as practical as they are beautiful (Raeburns graduate collection took inspiration from Inuit parkers). No nights spent under a duvet reading back copies of Vogue by torch light for our Chris, no, his immersion into the fashion world seems very organic and stems from an insatiable passion for creativity. I could go on and on and on about the stories he told us but I won’t bore you with a step by step account of his talk…instead I’ll just say how he was very inspiring and Kate and I both came away with a bit of a crush on Mr Raeburn. At the end of his talk he finished with a quick Q&A sesh and I plucked up the courage to ask him something…if only so he’d direct his gaze at me for 30ish seconds while he answered my question!


Shine Bright Studios are running talks and exhibitions up until Wednesday next week. As they’re free to attend I’d say it’s well worth signing up to go and see one. You don’t often get such a great event in London that’s free!

After the talk we were starving and decided to pop into Rosas as we made our way back to Liverpool Street Station. Rosas is a lovely little Thai place on Hanbury Street (that odd little street just round the corner from Corbet Place/across the road from Spitalfields) and you can’t miss thanks to its beautifully bright red front.


The place was pretty busy for a Thursday night but we were lucky to grab a table for two, right at the back of the restaurant.




Cute huh!


And how awesome are the lightbulbs??

We decided to share a chicken satay to begin with and then had a chicken massaman and the roast duck curry for mains and a side of sticky rice to share. Although in hindsight we probably could have had one rice each, the portions just aren’t as big as those you normally get of rice.


Mmmmmm – perfectly peanutty!


The duck curry was chosen because we were intrigued to see whether pineapple would taste good in a curry situation…and it really,  really did! I know a lot of people are outraged when pineapple is used in savoury dishes (Hawaiian pizza anyone?)but I think it’s a unique way of adding sweetness to a dish. The duck curry was definitely my favourite of the two we ordered.


This duck curry above ^^^ and the Massaman below…



Rosas have a couple of locations other than the Spitalfields restaurant. You can also find them in Soho and Carnaby as well as Westfield Stratford City. It’s a great place to go if you’re a big fan of Thai food and also a good place for a date…it’s very cute and quite romantic. Amazingly they also run an online cooking class on their blog so if moneys a bit tight you can stay in and still enjoy some of their delicious dishes!

Have you been to any good events or restaurants recently?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

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