Sunday at the Albion(s)

This weekend I was reunited with my pal Ed for a spot of brunch on Sunday. We’d last caught up back in March (!) when we went to the Rooftop Cafe for Sausage & Eggs. This time we’d decided to meet a little closer to my home in East London.


We chose to head to the Albion Caff on Redchurch Street, a place I’ve walked past many a time but never had the pleasure of trying out. We met just after midday and I’d nabbed us a spot on a sharing table after a quick look in the Deli next door. The place was completely packed which is obviously a good sign! The feel is classic hipster East London. A lot of mustard jumpers, messy bed-head hair, of course a few moustaches (Ed included!) and the dulcet tones of a collection of people born outside the M25. First impressions were that the service isn’t brilliant but then they were absolutely rushed off their feet.



I ordered a Latte while I waited and attempted to read the paper…although really I was too busy excitedly watching the stats go up and up and up and up on the post I wrote about ‘The Wonders of being a Girl in the late 90s, early 00s‘ – I can’t believe how popular it’s been! Thanks so much if you’ve given it a read. I’ve been floating on cloud 9 all weekend as a result!


Anyway Ed arrived and we ordered a couple of Juices and two Full English Breakfasts. Being suitably hungover from a Wedding the night before I also added an extra sausage to my order. We found all the condiments already on our table but had to ask our neighbours to pass the ketchup, salt & pepper – which is kind of nice as I guess it breaks the barrier between diners meaning you’re more likely to have a chat with the strangers sitting next door to you. And who know’s where that could lead!  Alas we had too much to chat about between ourselves so with a polite ‘cheeers then!’ returned to catching up on all our missed news.


My full English was a proper, proper full English! Big sausages, proper poached eggs, beautiful bacon. Such a relief after the rubbish half-English I’d had from Hoi Polloi a few months back. Ed and I switched our Tomato (for me) and Mushroom (for him) conceding that this meant we were perfect breakfast buddies and He also helped me out by finishing that extra sausage I’d ordered when I realised my eyes were WAY bigger than my belly. A hangover can do that to a girl. We sat chatting for ages before we realised that Super Sunday was about to start which to normal people means the football was soon to kick-off (Tottenham vs Liverpool). I enlightened Ed to an app called Match Pint that literally blew his mind and we hurried off in the direction of another Albion…the Albion Pub on Goldsmiths Row…to watch the game.


I love the Albion pub, my friend and I always go there to watch Sunderland when they’re on the TV and we can’t get to the game. And we’re not the only SAFC supporters who do so! There’s always a good few mackems cheering on the red and white army so, for us, there’s always a good atmosphere during games. Plus they have a Sunderland Flag on the wall!  Obviously the pub is meant to be a West Brom supporters pub (“Albion, Albion, Albion!!”) but they show all games and welcome all fans. On Sunday it was full to bursting with Liverpool Reds (a few Arsenal) and some very quiet Spurs fans. We grabbed a couple pints of delicious Stowford Press and squeezed onto one of the outdoor table to watch the game.



After the match – Ed skipped off to the tube, with some hugely optimistic thoughts about Liverpool’s chances of winning the league thanks to their 0-3 win. Gotta love a dreamer, ha-ha! I headed home too where I was greeted by my boyfriend and the most amazing homemade Beef Wellington which he’d been slaving over all afternoon. Being a pretty crap cook myself (although I absolutely nail bacon-wrapped chicken with stuffing) it amazes me how he can just ‘decide’ to cook something he never has before and it turn out perfectly. Honestly the last time I did that it all ended in tears (no seriously, I cried when I realised I’d totally ruined dinner…ahem, for his WHOLE family)and we ended up having to order a Chinese takeaway.


So that was my Sunday, what did you get up to?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

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