National Burger Day – Byron Burgers

You might remember from my list of loves last week, when I gave all you lovely readers a  heads up that Wednesday 27th August was in fact N A T I O N A L   B U R G E R   D A Y!!!!! So, did you indulge? Did you make the most of the plethora of patty outlets that were offering a discount on their menus? I sure as hell did.


I roped two of my work colleagues into celebrating with me and we signed up on the Mr Hyde website to get out discount codes (not that we’d need them). We then frolicked out of the office and round the corner to Bryon Burgers on Wardour Street in Soho. Sending a tweet en route to let them know we were coming…


I can’t think of a time I’ve actually been to Byron Burger but I’ve always admired the building it’s housed in, on Wardour Street; The Intrepid Fox. This place used to be the home to Heavy Metal fans back in the day before the rockers were uprooted to a venue just behind Tottenham Court Road – that was still called The Intrepid Fox. Sadly for the only people in the world who seem to buy from those weird leather shops that sell Morpheus/Matrix style long black coats, they’ve been evicted once more to make way for the new Cross Rail from TFL. If they ever find a new home I really do encourage you to pop in…it sure is an experience. Akin to that of  spending time in a haunted house. Although there is a very nice man called Wolf (yes, that’s his real name) who frequents the pub and although he is a rocker he has the shiniest, longest and swooshiest hair you’ve ever seen.


But I digress…

Back to Byron.






So we headed into Bryron on Wardour street and were alllllllllllllllllllmost immediately seated in a booth for three (I dragged out the almost to give you an idea of how long we waited). Our waiter was a dish himself…geek chic, Clarke Kent hotty who reduced us all into dribbling, jibbering school girls as we tried to order everything on the menu without sounding like fatty fatty boom booms. Courgette chips are a great invention for precisely this dilemma so we ordered a portion of those along with, one cheeseburger, one chilli burger, one veggie burger, a portion of normal fries, macaroni cheese and a Cobb salad, minus the bacon (one of our party was veggie…DON’T…I know it seems mad, a veggie at a burger joint. One word. Halloumi. Make sense now?). All washed down with one lemon Snapple, one peach Snapple and a Classic Coca Cola.








So yes, we ordered a shed load of food and battered our lashes at the beautiful waiter before getting down to the serious business of deciding whether he was gay or not. (Not for me obviously I’m happily coupled up but for Tierry and Farida…duhhhh!). By the time our food had arrived we’d come to the conclusion that waiter was not only straight but an actor who’d done a course at either RADA or LAMDA and when he wasn’t working at Bryon he was treading the boards doing Shakespearean plays. We failed to find out if this was all true and swiftly put our creative story writing to one side once we realised there was food in front of us. A slew of picture taking ensued…it honestly got a bit out of hand…



Before we finally began tucking in.


The burger itself was really, very good. Juicy but not to greasy. The bun nice and firm but not soggy. Crisp lettuce, mature cheese. I was very impressed but not blown away. It was nothing on my Bleecker St Burger that I had at Hawker House (will anything ever top that?) and my Shake Shack number was also a bit better despite the weird queuing system however I wouldn’t count Byron Burger out of the patty race. For starters they’ve got 36 locations just in London but for me this chain-y aspect is probably what makes them not as memorable as other burger restaurants.


That said their Macaroni cheese was like molten melted heaven and a divine accompaniment to the meal. The courgette chips weren’t as great as I’d hoped but I didn’t really know what to expect, I think I’d stick to normal chips in future. Don’t ask me about the salad, I wasn’t going to waste space filling up on that when there was all this other stuff on the table! You think I’m stupid? Lettuce leaf or Macaroni cheese…yeah that is a tough one.




The service throughout was great and that had nothing to do with the love affair we were all secretly having in our heads with the waiter. The bill, with the 20% discount came to £15 each (we offered up our codes but they didn’t take them, instead just discounting the whole bill by 20%) – not overly cheap but we did have quite a few sides.

We rolled out of the restaurant and waddled back to the office discussing the new Pudding Bar that has recently opened in Soho (a bar that just serves pudding!!!) and when we were going to go and visit. And we arrived back in the office just in time to sit down with a cup of tea and some biscuits, talk about timing!

What’s your favourite burger joint in London? Who would you crown King or Queen of the patties?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

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