Snippets from the Weekend: Part Deux

I always seem to do this post when I head home to Dorset for the weekend. I basically take pictures of everything and often want to put them all somewhere to look back on in the future, so this kind of post seems like the perfect solution.

So, yes, as I said I’ve just spent a weekend in my hometown of Shaftesbury, visiting friends and family. It was, as always, a trip down memory lane and just lovely to see a lot of my favourite people. Here are some snaps from my time back home…

 It’s started with a new pair of kicks…I realise I’d bought shoes the last time I’d gone home; this is because my city-dwelling soles forget what the rocky terrain of Shaftesbury is like so I wonder whether my current shoes will be able to cope with a weekend on the hill…thus a new pair must be purchased.


Only kidding, really I just love buying new shoes….great ankles right? If you fancy snapping up a pair Superga are actually having a little SALE at the moment!

Having not seen my sister for her birthday, presents needed to be given and because she was once a minion for Universal – if you click HERE you’ll understand what I mean (she is ACTUALLY IN the taller more confused looking minion costume)-  anyway these pyjamas seemed like a good little gift…WHHAAAT.


*Rabbit slippers – models own.

Anyway this weekend was also the start of the FOOTBALL SEASON!!!


So you can all join me in supporting Sunderland AFC on our way to mid-table mediocrity. That’s the dream anyway!

However I wasn’t going to the game as I had plans with my friends and their CUTE babies.

This is Oscar…


There must be something in the Dorset water because my friends have THE most adorable babes everrrrrs. I can’t cope with how cute (and well behaved might I add) they are!!!

After much cooing and wombs flutterings we made our way to The Crown in Blandford for a spot of lunch and of course there were a couple of casual horses waiting outside…


Sadly all that time wasted looking at horses meant we’d missed the main lunch service so could only order sandwiches…which we thought would be rubbish but we were WRONG.


This is actually my sister’s Coronation Chicken number, I had a Ploughman’s sarnie that was uhhhhmazing. Mature cheddar cheese, Branston pickle, apple…the whole kit a caboodled. Plus our chips came in a mug…




After a loooooong lunch we headed home and I had found my old memory box…a kind of ‘ before there was facebook box’



And I found some ABSOLUTELY hilarious stuff…including a whole load of letters from my friends when we were at school and one from my year six boyfriend who wrote to tell me he had a ‘rad’ time at the fair with me and that we should definitely ‘go again next year’ *swoooooon*


I also found this photo of all the twins in my primary school – there seems like a lot of us? Were there a lot of twins at anyone else’s school?


My bro and I are bottom right…he totally steals the show doesn’t he?

Then I came across my Teddy’s passport, bravo Mum!



And of course an obvious THEN and NOW teddy selfie had to happen…


26 years old and we both haven’t aged a bit!

Later that evening I headed round to my friend’s house for an Indian takeaway and DVD night.


Where I absolutely fell in LOVE with Julia again. She is flawlessly beautiful in this film. It’s just a shame she’s kinda glamorizing prostitution. BUT  it was as good as I remember, so good I almost peed my pants or was that almost as good a Pirates of Penzance?

So that was Saturday! Sunday was a pretty lazy day…My mum has finally made her lifetime dream of owning a hot tub a reality so my sister and tested it out…all day long.



I PROMISE you I’m not nakey – it’s just I was wearing a bandeau swimsuit, THIS ONE to be precise, so it looks like I might be. Hot-tubs are quite fun although, you are essentially sitting in a warm bath in your back garden.

Later I finished off THIS blog post and then it was time for one of my Dad’s roast beef dinners.


Cheesy cauliflower and roasted carrots are my favourite. Don’t panic though, the Yorkshire puddings were added later.

I’m sure you’ll all agree the PERFECT end to a wonderful weekend.

What did you get up to?

Thanks reading! 🙂

Harry x

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