Let’s Look at Some Things I Like

The list of likes it back for its second instalment! Yay!

Come have a butchers at what I’m loving at the moment…

1. Robin Williams.


Such sad news. He was a huge part of my childhood and my friends and I still quote lines from his films to this day. He gave the world the incredible gift of laughter and bought happiness into so many homes. It’s truly heartbreaking he couldn’t find it for himself

2. Breton Tops (stripes in general)


Breton tops are nothing new in the style stakes but they’re a wardrobe staple that I’ve suddenly gone all cray cray for. Along with anything else of a stripy nature, I can’t get enough. I even doubled stripped t’other day with this little ensemble below. The tee is from Toppers and skirt from Zara..

Cool, casual and makes your eyes go a bit funny? Unfortunately for you the bum-covering number is no longer available in Zara but you can get similar skirts HERE and HERE and the top you can purrrr-chase HERE. Let’s go my stripy sisters!!!!

3. Burgers.


Ohhhh a big juicy burger…*dribbles* and I don’t mean just eating them. No, I’m quite happy even just looking – (although this obviously makes me WANT to eat them immediately too)!

You see I’m currently addicted to looking at insta-pics of a perfectly cooked patty. And since the burger boom hit London town (I swear you can’t swing a cat without slapping into a sesame seed bun and grilled circle of beef) there are SO many good burgers places to try;

From the Shake Shack (which I went to just the other day – read about it HERE) to Five Guys, Honest Burgers, Bleecker Burgers, Burger Bear, Brgr.Co, Dirty Burger, Mother Flipper AND MORE.

Goodbye waistline. What’s more it’s actually…

N A T I O N A L  . B U R G E R  . D A Y

…on Wednesday 27th August so get ready to celebrate in style with a cool 20% off at some of the aforementioned places

…here come the meat sweats!

4. Glitter

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.50.36.png

I’ve had a strong affinity for the sparkly stuff for a while but with SGP and Wilderness festival my love went into overdrive.

So much so I spilt a pot of it in my room and only half heartedly cleaned it up…I just want the room to shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine! My boyfriend, well, not so much.

 5. Part-Time Pets.

IMGP0933From Borrow my Doggy to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium I am LOVING the fact that I can still have a four legged friend on a less than full time basis.

Living in a flat with no garden and working long(ish) hours means I definitely can’t have a cat for the time being but to know that I can go and have a cup of tea and a cuddle with a feline friend makes me so hapsula.

6. Hoop Earrings.


For me, these babies are totally having a *bit* of a comeback.

I don’t know when it first happened but I found a pair of big gold hoops in amongst my stuff and couldn’t help myself. Since then they’ve barely left my lobes, that was until one got lost in te Wilderness (festival) so I HAD to purchase some newbies , some HEART shaped newbies.

Errrmaageeerd. Hearty hoopy heaven. These bad boys came from Bershka, you can get your own pair HERE.

Are you loving this re-trend or am I on my own here…too chavtastic of hippie bohemian, what are your thoughts?

So this rounds up my current lovings, what are yours?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

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