Shake Shack Burgers and a 99 (Club)

I’m a total advocate of breakfast being the most important meal of the day. A sausage sarnie, a cheesy croissant, a full English, pancakes with maple syrup…yup breakfast is pretty high on my priority list but today I failed to even finish a banana.

But WHHHYYYY I hear you cry???

Well truth be told, I’m still full from last night’s date night antics…here, let me fill you in…

As you avid readers already know, I’ve recently been to two festivals (here and here) and been bed bound with a virus for the week in between. This hasn’t allowed for a lot of London loving nor have my boyfriend and I done much of the dating thing so to remedy this I decided to take him up West for a night of carbs and comedy.

I initially gave him the choice of Burger or Pizza, praying he’d pick Pizza so we could go to Pizza Pilgrims. Of course he then chose burgers totally screwing my plan. Although it turned out to be a great decision.

Having seen a friend’s instagram pic of a very cartoony looking bap from the Shake Shack we decided this would be our burger restaurant of choice mainly because we wanted to find out if they were actually real?!


I was first to arrive and jumped in the queue at the fast food joint. I was a bit confused as to the system, despite being a US import the Shake Shack has certainly adopted the Brits love of queuing.

You queue to place your order, to get a table, to collect your order and even the boys queue for the loo (WELCOME TO OUR WORLD – SUCKERS!!!!) and it’s not overly clear where these queues start so yeah, it is, as I said a bit confusing and also long winded.




The menu boasts a selection of five single or double stacked burgers and four choices of hotdogs. Me and the boy went for two of the same – Smoke Shack double stackers – bacon, cheesy, burger goodness.

On the side we had one portion of plain crinkley fries and another with a dollop of Shake-Shack cheese sauce, yeah that’s right – CHEESY FREAKIN’ CHIPS!!!! *swoon* All washed down with vanilla and strawberry milkshakes.


Not exactly cheap for ‘fast food’ but certainly better quality than your average Big Mac so worth spending a bit more.

Having placed our order and been given a buzzer we went in search of a table and were shown to one outside on the piazza. My boyfriend then went to find the loo and returned 15minutes later, furious that he’d had to queue – SUCKS TO BE YOU – and, of course, received zero sympathy from me.

While I waited for him to return I people-watched a group of Middle Eastern teenagers (13yr olds max) all wearing THE Chanel Espadrilles and carrying Chanel 2.55 handbags. SUCKS TO BE ME. When a teenagers shoes cost more than your whole outfit it’s a sad day.

Anyway, roughly 10minutes later our buzzer leapt into life and the boyfriend headed off to retrieve our food.

And THIS is what arrived…


Holy mothhhhher of gaahhhhd how delicious does all that look? Are you jealous…just a little bit? You wanna lick the screen right? Well don’t because that’s just really weird.


Okaaaay just a quick lick.

Oohhhh do it agaaaayan.

Our smoke-shack burgers got a HUGE thumbs up from my boyfriend and he is Mr Fussy. He didn’t even like my holy grail of  patties from Bleecker Burger so this says a lot about how good they were.

The bun was firm and not soggy despite the fact that between it were two greasy meat slabs and those slabs were incredibly juicy, just how mama like ’em.


I found it all a little, well, smokey – Ummm, you ordered the SMOKE-shack burger Harry! – Yeah, I KNOW but I got carried away at the till and normally I wouldn’t order bacon in a burger for this reason. It’s just not to my personal liking plus I was a little gutted that mine wasn’t the crazy cartoon burger with the crispy lettuce…y’know, like this one…



So I think I’ll have to go back and order that one next time and encourage YOU to join me.

Seriously, let’s go together and talk about stuff, like how much you love my blog? How much you look forward to each new post, how you check it every day to see if I’ve done a new one. Awww you guys are too cute. I can’t wait to meet you all! And you guys can take better pictures than my boyfriend…he just doesn’t have a clue about angles…


Orrrrr maybe I am the least photogenic person in the world?

I mean I actually look insane don’t I? Oh well.

Here’s one of him being a bad boyfriend / date and looking at football or something on his phone…EVIDENCE for the next time he has a go at me for being on my phone too much. Mooohahaha.


So anyway! Yeah, let’s all go together, eat all the burgers and take all the brilliant pictures! Woo!

Oh just a quick note about the chips – the cheese sauce is seriously weird. It’s not like normal cheddar, it’s what you imagine that disgusting American squeezy cheese would taste like. I mean those crazy Americans!  So let’s just all order normal chips, they’re pretty cool anyway all crinkly and shit.




After we stuffed ourselves at the Shake-shack (I was so bloody full from my double stacker and chips) we hopped in my man’s black cab, ahhh the beauty of having a cab driver for a boyfriend, and drove the very, stupidly short distance to Leicester Square where we had tickets to the stand up show at the 99 Club.

We were a little early so we wandered around Leicester Square, something I’d never really do out of choice, this place can be tourist hell!



But it was a lovely evening (the rain had stopped) and it was nice to stroll past the William Shakespeare statue and see all the grown-ups attempting to stop their rabid kids from playing in the fountains. Bahahahaha.



Finally we made our way down into the basement of the comedy club where we were greeted by a less than pleasant smell. You know that stinky, sicky, beer smell that all horrible little clubs have, yeah that.

I guess when they aren’t making people wet themselves with laughter on a Wednesday night then the 99 club is a proper drinking, dancing, throwing up on your shoes kind of club. Oh and your shoes stick to the floor too. Just dreamy.

Anyway, we took a seat not quite at the front, I didn’t want to get singled out! And we waited for the show to start.


The line-up was unknown to me apart from the mad Ross Noble who was compering the evening’s show and he was HILARIOUS. He is just a lunatic, everything he says or sees or hears becomes a crazy tangent.

His imagination is surreal and he had the audience in the palm of his hand as well as his face thanks to a weirdly drawn out joke about the Phantom of the Opera. In fact he got so carried away he almost forgot to bring on the first stand-up who was Brett Goldstein.

Now I won’t bore you with the full details of how every comic performed but just be safe in the knowledge that the evening was a total hoot! Brett kicked off proceedings with an awkward sister joke and he was soon followed by New Zealander Jared Christmas who had us creasing about same sex marriage and finally Paddy Lennox had me howling over middle class women and pelvic floors.



We had a brilliant night and although I was shattered thanks to a belly fully of burgers and beer it was well worth staying awake for a belly full of laughs.

The 99 club is cheaper than the better known Comedy Store (on the other side of Leicester Square) at just £12.50 each it’s money well spent and the best medicine in town.

Did ya know that laughter lowers stress, prevents heart disease (which is great if you’ve eaten a double stacker burger with extra cheese and bacon), relaxes muscles, strengthens relationships, eases anxiety and is basically the best thing you can do.

Well now you do!

So that was our date night, burgers, beers and a lot of laughter! Have you been on any good dates recently? Tell me where…and with WHO, were they off Tinder? Who’d have thought eh, 2014 and there’s an app for dating!

As always, thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

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