Sisterly Love

I wrote this post MONTHS ago but for some reason or another never got around to finishing/posting it. However with it being my sister’s birthday over the weekend (although we’re yet to celebrate it as she was at Boomtown and I was at Wilderness) now seems like a good as time as any!

Anyway – My sister and I are a couple of THOSE sisters that are also best friends. Like, we are super bezzies. Annoyingly close, love each other more than anyone and probably spend a bit too much time together. We think we’re great…and I as such I thought I’d share some reasons that I think having a sister as a best friend is so great, along with a few childhood memories…


1. You invent ridiculous games together when you’re kids –

 Like RIDICULOUS. My sister and I used to play a game called MUGWUMP – it involved squishing the other person’s face up and then asking them to say MUGWUMP. If they couldn’t say it you won. Although you didn’t really win anything and there weren’t any levels. You just went back and forth pushing and pinching the other persons face until you were both in hysterics.

2. You can borrow all her clothes but then have to lie about it as you ‘forgot’ to ask her –

I used to do this ALL the time. A pair of shoes, a top, a bag…then deny all knowledge of the item before trying to sneak it back into her room when she wasn’t looking. It’s only in recent years the reverse has started happening – and Jesus christ it’s annoying.

movie animated GIF

3. You absolutely tell each other the truth –

My boyfriend recently bought me Louboutins for my birthday (I know, he da best!) and rather than do the: ‘Ohhh they’re nice’ standard, my sister cut straight to it and said they were boring, Kate Middleton wannabes which was great as I’m much more Prince Harry then I’ll ever be Queen Kate. It meant that I saw through the fact that they were “Louboutins” and the boyf had spent a lot of money to see that I wouldn’t wear them. They needed exchanging for something more me and she made sure I knew that. She also didn’t sugar coat it when I’d had a bad hair cut. We once had ours done together and when we got outside the salon she could see I was furious about my new, less than perfect do. She looked at me simply said “you’re gonna hate the back even more”.

truth animated GIF

4. And sometimes SHE tells you HUGE lies. –

When I was about 11 my sister told me masturbating was going on holiday. I believed her.

5. Around her you can let out your inner bitch –

Everyone has an inner bitch. It’s in our nature to judge, criticise and have some not so nice opinions. It’s just best if we keep most of this to ourselves so, you know, people like us and you can make friends…UNLESS…unless you’re having a gossip with your sister.  Because your sister thinks the same as you. I swear I can give my sister A LOOK and she knows what I’m thinking. And more-over if it is a bitchy thought she doesn’t think it’s as bitchy as others would. She totally knows what I mean and where my judgement is coming from. Nobody else would ‘get it’ and so if I  spoke to everyone else the way I did to her – nobody would like me. So I can release all my pent up bitchiness with her and be a nice normal person around everyone else.

p.s. I’m really not that bitchy but hell, everyone likes a vent!

6. You both think you parents can be annoying –

Your best friend would never bad mouth your Mum and Dad, they always think your mum is the sweetest for wanting to do a fashion show of all her latest purchases (ALWAYS Per Una unless she’s feeling UBER trendy and young and then it’ll be a sparkly number from River Island) every time you go back home for a visit and that your Dad is hilarious when he’s trying to join in your night out and half-joking about ‘getting some weed in’. Your sister know’s better and doesn’t encourage either.

7. You have an unprecedented number of private joke, that are all HILARIOUS –

Together you two are FUNNNEEEEYYYAAAAH. When you both go home for Christmas you have a wail of a time taking the mick out of your parents and generally disappearing into your own world whilst at the dinner table which ultimately annoys everyone in your family that isn’t the two of you. No-one but you and her knows when mootard in the tartare was invented but it’s still sung, yes, SUNG today and this only makes it more funny…especially at family events (Grandma’s 80th anyone?). Again just a look and you’ll find yourselves having to seriously stifle an outburst that eventually escapes anyway – and when it does you can’t stop it – your sister only makes it worse. And more funny.

ryan gosling animated GIF

And then…

8. Her make-up is better than yours and she let’s you borrow it (sometimes) –

It always has been, it always will be – in fact that goes for almost all her stuff not just make-up. Remember back in the days when you used to cover the mirrors in the house and play Style Challenge, pulling out all her makeup, including that incredible purple, glitter lipstick or her PVC trousers and leopard print top – just WOW. She’d make you look like the prettiest ice queen around. Nowadays she does your hair for you at Glasto when you’re so wasted you can’t function and sorts out your face when you’ve been crying after too much gin, no panda eyes for you.

mtvother animated GIF

9. You two gots history maaan –

She was there when you had your first period and didn’t quite where your tampon had to go (too much information?). She was there when for some reason everyone in your year at school had decided to not talk to you for a day. She was there when you got hammered on the 3 litre bottle of cider she’d left you to hold for her and her mates (rookie mistake), she was there when you caught the vengabus to local nightclub for the first time aged 15 and managed to blag you in too, she was there when you broke up with your boyfriend and moved from Dubai to London where to you had no where to live and no job AND she sorted both for you.

10. You have each other’s backs!  – You two piss each other off. You’re untidy, she’s very ‘sing-y’. You’re stubborn and sometimes insensitive, she’s sensitive and worries about everything but only you are allowed to think these things about each other. If anyone was to agree that ‘yeah your sister is a bit of dick’ you would eat them alive!!!! And you know she’d do the same. You two together are a force to be reckoned with and if you’re feeling a bit shit and insecure 5mins in her company will have your feeling back to your usual awesome self.

11. You can do nothing and everything together

There’s certain friends that I have for ‘going out and getting KERAZY’ and there are other friends that I have for ‘dinner and drinks’…some people are good for different things but with my sister its all of the above. After years of sharing a bunk bed, making dens in the middle of the night and playing the same scenario every time with your Sindy’s (not Barbie, she was a tart because she could wear higher heels than Sindy) there’s no situation that we can’t be in together. Whether it’s sitting silently and watching crap on TV (or commentating throughout and wondering why we’re not on Gogglebox!!!) or rolling in at 5am and falling asleep on the bathroom floor together we ALWAYS have the best time.

So yeah, having a sister is pretty awesome and I’m really glad to say that I have one.

Thanks for Reading 🙂

Harry x

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