Saturday Wanderings – Bistroteque, Chambers and Pedaloes

You’ll know if you read my last post that the previous week was spent in a sickly haze. My boyfriend and I caught some ‘orrible virus that kept us bed bound in a very bad sense. Dizzy, disorientated, down and out; when the fog finally lifted and I awoke on Saturday morning feeling a little more like my usual self I wasn’t going to waste it. (Psssst: Get ready for a LOT of food pictures.)

Depsite not having lost our appetites when we were sick and therefore gorging on whatever was in the fridge between dizzy spells, we still decided food was the best way to celebrate our almost good health and so booked a table at Bistroteque for breakfast. I plumped for a full English with a side of Avocado (good fats!) and the boyfriend went for Pancakes, Bacon and Maple Syrup (bad fats #justsaying).

orange-juice-and-latte full-english-breakfast

LOOK at the size of my tomato!! Happy as Larry Harry with that!

After breakfast we headed home for a lie down…we were, after all, not totally recovered from what we will now refer to as ‘the labyrinth’….and later my sister came to meet me for a stroll around East London, starting with Roman Road market. We headed over there to see what ASOS, Topshop and Miss Selfridges steals we could find. If you haven’t discovered this little money saving market then don’t, ha-ha. No really it’s such a secret spot at the moment, the more people that find it the less bargains for me! However if you are curious I actually did a post on it about two years ago, you can check it out HERE – it’s not the most eloquent post I’ve ever written but this was a few years back so cut me some slack…hopefully my blogging has got a bit better.


After a bit of bargain hunting (I made off with THIS skirt for a tenner!!) we  took a stroll through Victoria Park which was heaving with the usual summer and school holiday hoards and the above horse and cart, cue frenzied scramble to take a picture. We made it to the other side and nearly opted to grab a couple of bagels from the best bagel shop everrrrs (Bagel on the Park) but we changed our minds and decided that we fancied a proper sit down. Chambers was the perfect place for this.



The sun was still shining but there were a couple of dark clouds on the horizon so although we could have sat outside we thought it better to grab a couple of seats just indoors, in case the heavens did open. Once sat down we perused the menu and settled on a HUGE selection of starters. Seriously, we went O.V.E.R.B.O.A.R.D. on the ordering.

table-top-flowers menu-chambers-restaurant girl-in-red-dress-smilingmediterranean-food-restaurant-london

girl-in-striped-breton-top….and please forgive me for looking so tired and rough in the picture, I was just out of the shadow of ‘the labyrinth’.

Our order went something like this: Tzatziki with some pitta. A mozzarella, avocado and tomato salad as well as some Spanish chorizo sausage. Then char-grilled marinated chicken skewers and a prawn cocktail with more avocado. Spinach and feta filo parcels and of course a splash of halloumi on the side.

Whew. We ordered so much we actually ran out of space on the table.

tzatsiki-halloumi-prawns tomato-mozarella-avocado-salad

As soon as it started arriving we immediately got stuck in and amazingly polished off almost everything…bar a few bits of miscellaneous salad. Now I think that deserves a virtual high five from y’all!

prawn-avocado-salad filo-pastry-bites-halloumi-cheese chorizo-salad

Sam and I were BIG fans of the marinated chicken and filo parcels but the prawn cocktail was a bit lacklustre and the chorizo was a little bit too fatty. On the whole though we were very impressed and I’d definitely recommend this little spot and will definitely be heading back with either the boyf or some pals in the future.

The service too was top notch and the area is a lovely place to sit on a sunny afternoon, it feels very village-y along this part of East London (Lauriston Road specifically if you’re interested), the buildings, the park, the lush green trees the plethora of fancy, hipster restaurants it’s just a really lovely place to spend time. Plus there’s a fabulous fish and chip shop there where you can get HUGE portions.

Stuffed on Mediterranean goodness we took a walk back through the park towards Bethnal Green and on the way stopped off to a 99er – which was actually £1.50…since WHEN?


And suddenly botox doesn’t seem like a totally mad idea…I’m, dude, check out those liiiiiiines on my ‘fred! Gordo Ramsay eat your heart out…

Anyway; high on sugar we next decided to hop on a pedalo and sail round the lake. This was full of laughs and I highly suggest it if you’re in the area, it was a tenner for thirty minutes. Some may say that is overpriced, I say it’s money well spent, seriously, I haven’t been this silly and giggly in a while nor have I panicked so much when we nearly mowed down an angry swan. HARD RIGHT, HAAAARRRDD RIIIIIGHT.

sailor-salute-girl-in-red-dress nike-airs-pedalo

Another day, another time there would also have been a bottle of prosecco and maybe a few more compadres but then also the possibly a man-over-board-situation and squelchy shoes. Still, don’t let that put you off, the lake it probably only a meter or so deep.

After a week of bed-rest this was the perfect day to bring me back to reality. I was absolutely shattered after a day of strolling and literally ended up in bed as soon as I got home but it was well worth the exhaustion for the bargains, the laughter, the mountains of food and of course an afternoon with my sister.

What have you lot been up to recently?


Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

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