Reasons why you should have bought a ticket to Secret Garden Party

Last year I made a very impromptu decision to get a ticket to Secret Garden Party. I literally called round a few friends on the Monday and by the Friday I was on route to Huntingdon. It was one of the best decisions of my summer last year and the consequent retelling of this fact to anyone that would listen, particularly my boyfriend, meant that one of my Christmas presents this year was two tickets to SGP 2014. I honestly think he bought me them just so I would shut up about how good last year was. Secret Garden Party is now sold out, so this post is really just a huge ‘in your face’ about how much fun it’s going to be and why you should have definitely, absolutely, 100% bought a ticket.

1. ME

Obviously the first and most obvious reason is that I’m going. Seriously girl don’t even know what mishaps we could cause together in the Garden. I honestly feel like a flourish in festival surroundings and you can totally borrow any of the 10 pots of glitter I have purchased for this year.

2. There is a stage in the middle of a lake!


Last year is was a big ole shipwreck being pulled under by a giant octopus. This year who knows what it will be. Aaaaaand you have to row yourself over there in order to join the party. Yes there is a bit of a queue to get in a boat (this is England after al!) but it is all totally worth it when you’re on the lake and can dance your ass off. Then come Saturday night they burn this mother fucker to the ground – MIND BLOWN.

3. Nakedness –

Last year when I took a stroll early in the morning in search of food (read: found THE most amazing crepes eversss) I passed a slightly fuller figured woman wearing nothing but a fur coat and a pair of wellies. That’s right she was wondering round with her vadge out, totally unabashed. Later that day a man dis-robed and attempted to climb to the top of the caravan stage at the Drop in front of thousands of festival goers and to raucous cheers…shortly before being escorted away by security. For climbing that is…not for nakedness.

Then I made my way over to the Labyrinth and found another reveller fully nude, shaking his dinkle about the place and no-one even batted an eyelid. There was also a naked knitting workshop and you could join in a naked mud wrestle if you so wished. As a society we are scared of nudity and the human body, especially if it doesn’t look like the media tell us it should. So it was refreshing that many felt perfectly comfortable to be as nature intended, because let’s face it…baby we were born that way.

4. Walking round it won’t feel like you’ve done John O’Groats to Lands End.

SGP is small but perfectly formed. It is possible to walk around the entire site in 20 (ish) minutes so you do feel like you get a good chance to see everything. Unlike bigger festivals where it feels like it takes a few days just to get from your tent to the main arena and another 2 hours to get the toilets, then the bar etc etc. It also means that you’re more likely to bump into fellow festival goers that you may have lost track of the night before. Having a smaller capacity also means that there really aren’t many queues for the toilets and they’re honestly not as bad as other festivals. I swear even on Sunday evening I found one that wasn’t blocked or vomit enducing.

5. It’s a mere hour outside of London.

From Kings Cross it take just over an hour to get to Huntingdon. When you arrive there are some old London Routemasters (which are actually owned by an old school pal of mine, everyone say HI MARKY!) to pick you up and transport you to the garden. Everyone on this bus is the friendliest person ever.

6. The acts that play there party there too.

On the Friday night/ Sat morning I bumped into a number of big name DJs who had just driven all the way from Global Gathering to Secret Garden Party. They weren’t playing until the next day but they couldn’t wait to leave GG and over to SGP. I think it says a lot about a festival when your acts simply come in, play their sets, get their money and leave as opposed to arriving early to get a night of partying in on their own time.

7. The Vibe maaayyyyaaan.


OK so I know this is a bit of a wanky point but it’s true. The vibe at SGP really is magical. It’s friendly, it’s kind of hippie, it’s experimental. All in all, it’s wonderful. I spent a week at Glastonbury and although people are far from horrible it’s so big that everyone has got their own thing going on, you don’t really want to lose your mates so you all stick together and I really didn’t feel like people were as keen to chat to strangers. I didn’t exactly make new friends at SGP but I certainly had a lot of funny, interesting and weird chats with a lot of funny interesting and weird people.

8. The dance off stage

There’s nothing better than a Run DMC style “It’s like that HUH” dance off. At SGP there is a stage specifically dedicated to this. So do those warm up squats and bring the heat baby because this year I’m going for the trophy.

And thus concludes reasons you should be kicking yourself right now if you didn’t purchase a ticket. But just in case those 8 points aren’t reason enough to wish you’d pulled the proverbial finger our of your proverbial arse and bought a ticket before they did sell out then watching either of the below videos will certainly do the trick. I DARE you to watch them without smiling to yourself.

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