DIY Fancy Dress – Troll Doll

This weekend I had a fancy dress party to attend and with no theme (i.e. come as whatever you want to) I was really struggling to think of ideas; so headed over to pinterest with the hope of finding something easy, quick and cheap to transform myself. And THIS became my inspiration –


Yes! A troll doll. The easiest fancy dress of all time. I luckily already had a nude/beige dress from H&M that I bought about 3 years ago so the effort required to put this outfit together really was minimal. I’ve had a scout around on H&M today and it seems like they no longer sell the dress in that colour so if you’re keen to go trolling then there are some similar options from American Apparel (here, here and here) or if you’re a bit more daring you can go for a full on body suit – HERE.


So yeah, once I had dug my beige dress out, I went and bought a little flower corsage from a fancy dress shop SoHigh SoHo which is one of my go to shops for fancy dress and all things glitter! I’m sure you could buy a flower corsage from other places, perhaps Claire’s accessories or online but it was easiest for me to get mine there. Of course you need to make sure your flower has a safety pin on the back so you can pin it to your dress as your brightly coloured belly button. I also stuck a couple of gems onto my flower to make it look sparkly!


Next was the hair. Armed with biggest can of hairspray, a hairbrush, some kirby grips and another can of red hair dye I set about creating a wild troll-like mane. Luckily for me (normally unluckily) my hair is pretty wild naturally so a LOT of backcombing and I soon had huge hair. I then took a hair band, gathered my hair and tied just the very end of it together so it stood up on my head. I had to secure a few of the bits at the back with some kirby grips to stop them falling down. Next I covered the whole thing in bright red hair spray and my look was complete!


I loved being a troll for the evening, although quite a few people had no idea what I was! If I did it again I’d probably try and track down a troll doll on ebay to take out with me…or I’d get a few more people to dress up as them (in different colours) so it might make it more clear.


The party itself was a lot of fun and was for two of my boyfriend’s mates (both were turning thirty). It was held at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club which is run by one of the birthday boys parents and has the best heart shaped lights I’ve ever seen *swoon*. In addition to being a thirtieth, for one of the guys it was also a surprise party. He had no idea he would be joining us (he’d planned a nice grown up dinner in Angel) nor that he too would be dressing up in the most hideous Baywatch outfit ever! My boyfriend and the rest of the boys all dressed up as scary clowns as aforementioned baywatch boy is terrified of them – who needs enemies with friend like these, hey? How many times now have I said I’m so glad I’m not a guy! Anyway I was in charge of facepainting a couple of the clowns, including my boyfriend and think I did an alright job considering…

scary-clown-face-paint troll-doll-and-clown-fancy-dress

We drank, we danced, there was an interesting interlude with a stripper (!) and we all ended up in the Dolphin on Hackney Road which is always the sign of a very drunken night. We rolled through the door at around 4am where I hopped straight in the shower to wash the red out of my hair…thanks to my aggressive backcombing it was a good 20-30minutes of brushing to get the knots out of my wild troll hair but eventually I was back looking more or less like my self.

guests-at-fancy-dress-party scary-clown-costum-fancy-dress IMG_20140721_160503

My whole outfit would have cost under £20 even if I’d had to buy the dress (it actually cost about £6.50 for the flower and the red hair spray) which I think is pretty good going for a fancy dress number. I always like to try and pull outfits together myself rather than buying full on costumes, I think fancy dress is better that way. Although it’s worrying how much of my wardrobe can cross over into fancy dress.

And just for some glitz and giggles check out some of the other fancy dress numbers I’ve done…


*Clockwise from top left: Geeking it up for my birthday, a Zombie nurse, a Zombie and a Zombie Dorothy, “Kids and grown ups love it so” – The Haribo Kid, Some sort of Pixie/Elf/Fairy thing, Halloween two-faced Skeleton and zombie Dorothy returns!!

Are you a fan of fancy dress? What have you dressed up as before?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

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