Tapas at Brindisa, Soho

The first day back at work after a holiday (oh, you didn’t see my posts on Mykonos?? Click HERE) is always a tough one. And mine was made all the more difficult when my holiday homie and self employed boyfriend decided that he needed just one more day off before he could get back to the grind – ahhh the beauty of being your own boss.

So while I dragged my bronzed behind out of bed and onto the sweltering central line, he exchanged bed for the sofa and waved me goodbye. Boo. Hiss.

Fast forward 5 hours and my boyfriend was no longer in his pants on the sofa but instead strolling through Soho to my office.

Apparently not content with the fact that I already knew he was still on ‘holiday’ whilst I was back at work (chained to a desk) he thought he’d come and flaunt it in my face by casually taking me out for some Tapas…

…and not just any old Tapas but a Tapas restaurant on MY RESTAURANT LIST (remember the list, yup I’m STILL working my way through it).

How very dare he…ooooh the cheek of these men, eh!


Of course I’m kidding –

I was delighted when I got the call and rushed to meet him at the top of Lexington x Berwick Street where we nabbed a window seat in Brindisa. (not just because it was on my restaurant list but because I reckon Tapas is a great way to rejuvenate holiday feelings – although I would happily of had another greek salad, I’m think post-Mykonos I’m actually addicted to them).

The restaurant itself was busy out the back but there were lots of free spaces at the bar and near the window. We took a couple seats and set about ordering a few bits to share.



I don’t really have tapas enough so don’t really have my ordering down…I mean other than knowing that you always have to have some patatas bravas on the table.

So along with a portion of patatas bravas we ordered Bomba which is a potato and meat croquette, Tortilla de Chorizo (Spanish omelette), Corn Fed Chicken on a spinach puree and some olives stuffed with orange segments and dusted with oregano.

As is the norm with tapas, everything we ordered arrived at ad-hoc times meaning you feel like you’ve ordered loads!

First came the olives which were nice but really, really tangy. The addition of oranges in the olives was, despite fear of sounding like Peter Kay: ‘A taste sensation’


Following the olives was the tortilla which was delicious…


Then came the bomba which looked amazing and tasted just as good…


While we were still chomping through the bomba the waiter bought over our potatas bravas..


By now we were getting pretty full and to be honest, hadn’t ordered very well.

Between the bomba, the potatas bravas and the tortilla it was all very potato-ey  and a bit heavy going…we didn’t really chose enough of a variety of things or rather the things we did pick were all a bit similar which meant that it got a bit same-y.

Anyway we finished off what we had on the table, forgetting that the corn-fed chicken was still to come. This arrived a good while later but was the perfect addition to our selection and the chicken was cooked beautifully, I LOVED the crispy skin and not a potato or carb in sight.


corn-fed-chicken-leg-spinach-puree guy-eating-at-brindisa-soho

There are lots more things on the menu that I’m keen to try, particularly the meatballs stuffed with goats cheese which I didn’t order this time round as my man basically hates goats cheese or any cheese that isn’t mild mozzarella (I sometimes can’t believe that I’m with someone that isn’t as loco about cheese as I am?!)…

Therefore I’ll definitely head back to Brindisa or perhaps I’ll try out one of their other restaurants, most specifically Tramontana in Shoreditch. They also have Casa in Kensington and the original Brindisa in London Bridge.

I actually also just found out that the name Brindisa comes from the Spanish work Brindis which means to raise your glass in celebration!


Here’s to heading back for more Tapas in the very near future!!

Do you love tapas too? What dishes are your favourite? Are there any better places than Brindisa?


Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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