Magical Mykonos – Paraga and Super Paradise

For the majority of the week we laid out on Paraga beach which was about a 10minute walk along the rocks just past Platys Gialos.


On the walk over to Paraga we bumped into a few of these guys…


And I have to say the first time I saw one dart along the wall out the corner of my eye, I absolutely jumped out of my skin!

We discovered Paraga beach on our 3rd full day and were happy to walk the extra minutes to enjoy a quieter bay where we could rent sunbeds from LAMED for 20 euros a day. These beds may not have had pillows like Nammos but they came with fresh, clean towels and a free bottle of water plus the staff here were really helpful and the place a lot less pretentious.


man-sunbathing-on-lounger paraga-beach-mykonos


There were two little restaurants on this beach LAMED’s restaurant and also Nikolas, which my guy was keen to go to purely for the name. Both places were fantastic, even though I ordered a Greek salad every time. What can I say…I’m obsessed with feta and tomatoes! LAMED in particular raised the Greek Salad bar, serving theirs with a much creamier version of feta than I was used too. I’m actually salivating at the thought of it. Also on the LAMED restaurant menu are a plethora of fish options. Not great for me and my pas de poisson loving boyfriend but for the rest of the seafoodies this place would be ideal. As for Nikolas Taverna this is where I discovered Saganaki which is fried anything (prawns, chicken, aubergine – the Greeks love a bit of aubergine or Egg Plant if you’re a weirdo) but in this case it was, yup you guessed it, my favourite, fried CHEESE!




Post lunchtime salad, I tended to enjoy a glass or two of Asti which is such a nice, sweet alternative to Champagne! It’s Italian and also a low in alcohol so good to have on the beach when you’re a bit dehydrated anyway and don’t want to end up passed out and snoring on your sunlounger.

champagne-by-the-sea girl-with-champagne-on-beach

Late one afternoon after spending all day at LAMED knocking back the sweet stuff and drowning in feta and saganaki, we decided to pack up and walk along the coast to Super Paradise.



Super Paradise is the party beach and Tropicana is the bar to be in. Hundreds of young holiday goers flock there to rave it up on a daily basis, although saying that there are some much older holiday goers there too and they seem to have as much steam to let off as the young ones, often with an ALL OVER tan, if you get what I mean. We arrived around 6pm and the place was buzzing. Avicii blared out of a HUGE booming sound system and every table and bar top supported a group of bikini clad girls, shaking what their mama’s gave them. Hosting the whole thing is an Italian Emcee (spot him in the pic below which I borrowed from the Tropicana Mykonos facebook page) who prowls the place in nothing but a camo thong, amping the crowd up and dishing out hilarious quips and insults to anyone who attempts to steal his microphone and thunder.

On the night we were there it was Italy vs Uraguay in the World Cup so we got to watch the game on a massive screen with hundreds of irate Italians, all the while; behind us there were girls snogging other girls, a group of geeky looking Chinese lads ordering in their 5th white bottle of Moet and loads I mean LOADS or post-grad college students from American using up their trust funds on a no holds barred tour of Europe.

super-paradise-beach-mykonos super-paradise-mykonos Screenshot_2014-07-14-22-34-30

It was mad…but I personally think Super Paradise is better suited to a big group of friends rather than a couple like we were. And to be honest, this party vibe isn’t really for me either…maybe I’m just getting old but there were a few too many boobs and bums on show and a lot of young twenty somethings dry humping everything in sight. Plus the music is totally geared towards the American’s which you can understand as there are so many of them but I can’t say I’m a huge fan of those Guetta anthems or the latest offering from Lil Wayne and the likes still I guess if you can’t beat them join them, well just a little.

Sorry I know that’s pretty rubbish video that doesn’t show it to be the happening place I said! But anyway…

Join them a little I did…dancing around to whatever hip hop tune was blasting out of the 5ft speakers behind my head after the 4th or 5th Mythos beer and getting into the party spirit. THEN the best thing in the world happened; I went to the loo where I bumped into footballer Fabio Borini. I simply couldn’t believe it…for those of you that don’t know Fabio has been on loan at Sunderland for the last football season and as a HUGE Sunderland supporter he is somewhat of a saviour to the me and the club having scored us many a point which eventually meant we avoided relegation from the premier league. So yeah, I was in my ELEMENT.


Thanks to the four or five beer I had no qualms about dragging good old (he’s ONLY 23) Fabio over to my boyfriend and demanding the above picture where I look like a completely gormless fan and hate the fact that ‘all day on the beach babe’ is not my best look but who cares because he was so lovely and has been one of my favourite Sunderland players this season.

Anyway, not long after this picture we decided to call it a night(that’s me and the boyfriend, not me a Borini – I wish…kidding) grabbing a taxi home to Platys Gialos and then ordering in some amazing pizzas from D’Angelos in Mykonos Town – so rock and roll hey!


And this concludes my Mykonian adventure. It was an amazing trip to a wonderful island. I would thoroughly recommend anyone heading over there for a holiday, whether you’re a couple, a group of friends, a hen do, a girls holiday, a mum and daughter on a break or a family. It’s a lovely place that feels like it’s retained a lot of itself rather than going down the route of some tourist destinations that do everything they can to accommodate the visitors (full English and ‘Enders on the TV – no ta!). I also feel it caters for a wide variety of holidays so you can be active travelling around the small (20miles by 5miles) island or simply stay put and relax on the beach.

If you head to Mykonos or have already been, drop me a line to let me know what you think…I’d love to hear about your adventures in Greece!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

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