Magical Mykonos – Mykonos Town

I’ve actually lost count how many posts I’ve written about Mykonos now. Is this part four? Who know’s or cares really. Each post is so full of adventure and interest that we could be on post number 112 and no-one would be willing me to stop writing, right?

I thought so. So onto the wonders of Mykonos Town.


We spent our first night in Mykonos Town on our 3rd night of the holiday which was also the boyfriends birthday. We got the bus from Platys Gialos which cost 1.60 euro each way and it took approximately 10 minutes to get from A to B. We were dropped off at the edge of town and took a wonder into the labyrinth of streets.


Screenshot_2014-07-10-23-28-51-1 Screenshot_2014-07-10-23-27-48-1 Screenshot_2014-07-10-23-27-21-1

The place is an absolute maze – do not try to conquer it for you will end up back at exactly the same place you started time and time again, every white house with blue shutters looks like the last white house with blue shutters. Just go with the flow and idle along the tiny streets taking in the Greekness of it all. We’d been given a list of good restaurants to try out by our Thomsons rep and set about trying to find one for a birthday dinner. This, we soon realised, was almost an impossible task so we gave up and just started searching for one we liked the look of.


We ended up in Kastros which was on the far end of the town right on the sea front. The restaurant was busy but not too busy and the male waiters were straight out of Shoreditch with their pony tails, undercuts and big bushy beards. Me and feller felt right at home!

Unfortunately it was too dark for foodie photos but I ordered a delish chicken dish and birthday boy had the Souvlaki…again. Except this time it was everything he could have wished for and more. Huge chucks of lamb skewered on a big stick and cooked on a massive smokey grill. To say he was happy was an understatement. Not that you’d know from this face…


After dinner we headed out for a few drinks in Mykonos town – after treating him to a birthday crepe (complete with lovingly penned blackboard message) I dragged him into the recently opened @54. We climbed the steps for a couple of cocktails and were welcomed by a trio of toned, tanned and tidy looking gay guys! Mykonos has a bit of a reputation for being a haven for gay guys and couples and there is definitely a lot of bars that cater for this but I wouldn’t say it’s overwhelmingly a gay destination. Anyway @54 is like a reinvention of New York’s Studio 54 and they’ve brought over ALLLLL the original disco balls to Mykonos!!



disco-balls-@54-mykonos @54-neon-sign-mykonos

We enjoyed a few cocktails here before somehow navigating back to the bus stop (with a bit of direction from the locals) to catch the last bus home.

The next night we headed over to Mykonos town early to catch the sunset, I actually had no idea that Mykonos was a place with such a killer sunset. I’ve seen the sunset at Cafe Mambo in Ibiza and have to say Mykonos certainly rivals it! We grabbed a couple of ciders and small bottle of moet and perched on a wall to watch mother nature do her thang. We also checked out the Windmills which are a proper tourist spot.


sun-setting-in-mykonos holding-the-sun-in-your-handsetting-of-the-sun-in-mykonos mykonos-beautiful-sunset sunset-in-mykonos-townIMG_20140713_170929

mykonos-town-windmills windmills-in-mykonos-town view-of-mykonos-town-from-the-windmills

Post sunset we made a pitstop at D’Angelos for some fresh, home-made pasta. It was unreal. I honestly couldn’t recommend this place enough and despite being en route from the bus stop to the windmills it really wasn’t busy at all. To top it all off it was also amazing value for money. We had a take away pizza from here too, after a day living it up a Super Paradise (post to come!) the pizza was top notch which was a relief after the so-so ones we had at Thea’s in Platys Gialos.


My chicken pasta dish above and below, me instructing my boyfriend that when he takes pictures of me he needs to do it at a higher angle to make it more flattering. Men!! they know nothing about fat and non-fat angles!

IMG_20140713_165530 woman-in-pink-top-with-tan

Note the dodgy sunburn/tan marks on my neck where I’d haphazardly applied the suncream – oops!

We next visited Mykonos town a couple of night’s later for dinner again. We weaved our way through the small streets and found our way to Eva’s Garden which on first appearance looks like it’s deserted but if you venture in and up the stairs you realise it’s a buzzing and beautiful place. Here we enjoyed yet more halloumi and both ordered steak for a main. I thought the service here in particular was lovely…they were really friendly and chatty making you feeling like you were in a real old Greek restaurant. And to top it all off we got a snap of us together!


On our final night we had booked into Interni which we’d walked past a few nights before and tried to get a table at, to be told, unfortunately, that they were fully booked. We took this as a good sign.

 It was particularly hot on our last evening as for once there was no breeze (Mykonos is known also know as the island of winds thanks to it’s breezy meltemi winds) and we were absoultely sweltering at our table. Still we got down to the business of food and I was delighted with my starter of mozzarella, petso and sundried tomato. It was that proper big round balls of mozzarella served in the juice – an absolute dream come true for a cheese lover like me.


It’s hard to see from the picture but the jar is what the mozzarella is in and that smudge in front of it is a pesto and sundried tomato paste. Mmmmmmmmmm.

My guy had prawn tempura to start and then went for the penne for his main. I opted for the burger with caramalised onions and goats cheese and was surprised when three sliders appeared instead of one big patty in a bun. I thoroughly enjoyed this meal although there were slightly too many caramelised onions for my liking. The setting too is beautiful, like most places in Mykonos it’s very chic, sleek yet homely. Nowhere in the town has a chavvy feel to it…it’s all very high end and nicely decorated and I loved that about Mykonos.

guy-with-sleeve-tattoo mini-burgers-sliders-and-wedges Girl-in-pink-and-white-dress

We took our final stroll back through the streets, admiring the gorgeous greek leather sandles, the abundance of windmill souvenirs and hundreds of all seeing eyes on bracelets, windcharms, keyrings…they’re everywhere as a sign of luck apparently!


As we’d done so the previous nights, we somewhere navigated back to the bus (after a few wrong turns) and waved goodbye to the Chora (Greek for town). I was sad to be leaving for the last time as the town is really beautiful and I can guarantee you could probably visit for another two weeks and not make it to all the amazing restaurants this place has to offer. I will hopefully, definitely be coming back one day in the future.

The final instalment of my trip to Mykonos should be up soon, so come back later in the week for a read!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

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