Magical Mykonos – Psarou Beach & Nammos

As we were self catering in Mykonos, most days breakfast would consist of fresh melon, cold grapes and chocolate croissants on the patio out front of our adorable apartment.

We bought this spread from the supermarket at the top of the hill which is a helluva lot cheaper than the one down by Platys Gialos beach…suncream for instance is around 13 euros there instead of around 24 euros by the beach.

I thought I’d tell you this just in case you were wondering. I do know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so felt like I should reassure you that we were in fact eating it…and I’d taken a picture of it so sort of had to bring it up somehow for the picture not to be a bit random.


Anyway after discovering all we could about Platys Gialos and Scuba Diving, we went in search of somewhere new and thus found Psarou beach.

After brekkie we took a short walk up that bastard hill and then down an eroded pathway into the bay. Here we’d done a bit of research and knew that Nammos beach bar and restaurant was apparently the place to be. Reviews ranged from “overpriced and overhyped” to “the most fun in Mykonos” so we were keen to see what the place was about. I mean the yachts on the walk over said almost all we needed to know!

man-posing-by-yachts yachts-in-mykonos

We knew it was expensive but as we took two sunloungers on the end (which happened to be *the most* comfortable sunloungers of our whole trip, just dreamy) I jokingly asked the feller what he’d do if our beds and umbrella were 40 euros for the day (as opposed to the 12 euros we’d been paying previously.)

At that point a super hot, super tanned bikini babe appeared and brusquely told us we’d actually be paying 45 euros for the pleasure. Already having been settled for about 15 minutes and me having dreamed of a pillow on my lounger the last two days, we decided for today at least, we’d splash the cash!

We did have to laugh at the fact that the people next to us were paying 8 euros for their sunbeds and brollies and, the same sand, the same sea, the same sunshine, the same view and they can obviously hear the music from Nammos too. They must have thought we were a right bunch of melons paying what we were but, I HAD A PILLOW and well, that’s what you do when you’re MINTED.


We lay back and ordered a bottle of still water which came in the standard bucket of ice (see what I mean, hiiiigh rollers). I read my kindle for most of the day – engrossed in a book called Hotel K which my friend had recommended pre-holiday. It’s a true account of life inside Bali’s most notorious prison, if you’re a fan of corruptions, drugs and injustice and reading material (I totally am) then it’s an interesting book. The cynic in me wonders how much is actually true just form the sheer horror of some of the inmates tales that said it really is an interesting read.

Anyway, when not swept away by Hotel K, I simply sat back and people-watched. Nammos is a great place for people watching.


For Nammos is where the rich-list come to party. I watched one guy rolled in off his super yacht and buy up 6 sets of sun-loungers. At 45 euros each…well…you do the math. And then there was the watch he was carrying on his wrist talk about arm candy.

And the women are just a interesting, decked out in Missoni and Mara Hoffman bikinis and of course an oversized hats. They’d spend the day knocking back champers whilst online shopping for their next holiday wares. If you are intrigued as to how the other half live these are the people to watch!

I also came to the conclusion that you can spot the super rich by seeing who sits in the shade. I think rich people are on holiday so often that they don’t need to fry themselves to death in just one or two weeks a year like you or I. No, these guys barely need to spend an hour sunning themselves because they might be in Mykonos this week but guaranteed they’ll be in Monte Carlo or Miami or some other far flung destination next week…not bad work if you can get it.


If the clientele hadn’t assured us that Nammos is somewhere for the money heavy to hang then the range of champagne on offer confirmed it. And by champagne I mean Midas bottles (which are the largest in the world at 30 litre a bottle – WHUUUUT!) of Armand De Brignac Brut coming in at a cool 120,000 euros…obviously me and my man got one each.



We plumped for a club sandwich…and I say plumped as it was still 15 euros, for. a. sandwich. Admittedly not even the best club sandwich I’ve had but it was still nice. It came with some nice soft and salty chips which is exactly how I like them, none of this extra crispy, crunchyness for me. The icing on the cake though was it being delivered to my sunlounger on a little trolly table type thing so I didn’t even have to move a muscle.

I could get used to this other life!


It addition to the bottles of bubbly the size of your…self (!) and club sandwiches that cost the same as a whole outfit from Primark, you can order massages on the beach, hot yoga classes and personal training sessions off the menu. We opted for none of the above and just soaked up the atmosphere with a couple of Mythos beers.


At 4.30ish in the afternoon is when the music really cranks up and the party atmosphere starts to kicks in (the music is a sort of housey mix throughout the day). We stayed until about 6ish and didn’t really feel that things were going to get that lively so we decided to heave ho. We were, however, a little early in the summer season though so I’d imagine mid-August things probably do get wild…


…or so the Nammos instagram ^^^^ tells me!

We paid off our tab and disappeared home to freshen up for dinner. Our plan that evening was to get the bus into Mykonos town to catch the superb sunset we’d heard so much about.

I really enjoyed spending the day at Nammos, mainly because of the pillow on the sunlounger but we decided it wasn’t somewhere we’d spend everyday of our holiday.

One of the main reasons for this was that the sunloungers are so close together and by the end of the day every bed was taken! As a result you a) worry about sitting in someone else’s shade (unless you’re rich and holiday all the time!) and b) can’t fully relax due to the crowdedness, it’s simply to noisy with other people’s conversations and c) it really is a bit expensive for what it is.

We actually discovered oh but a day later that there were some sunloungers just as nice for half the price in the next bay. Psarou beach in general though is very beautiful and like Platys Gialos the water is incredible clear.


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