Magical Mykonos: Scuba Diving

Aha part deux of my Mykonian adventure!

As I said in part one (Curious for part one? Click HERE) the Sunday after we arrived was my boyfriend’s 30th birthday. The big THIRTY. Three Ohhh. Out of your twenties. A third of your way to 90. Well you catch my drift. OLD.

Now he’s not one for a big fuss but we, of course, couldn’t let the day pass by like any other; so prior to arriving in Mykonos I did a little scoot around to see what fun adventure I could arrange for him US. (you might have noticed a running theme that a lot of his birthday presents involve something that benefits me too – Amsterdam, Recipease etc.)


So for his birthday adventure I decided to take him Scuba Diving.

Thanks to google I found Go Dive Mykonos who had an ‘Introduction to Scuba Diving’ course that would allow us novices to get acquainted with the whole kit and caboodle; meaning Nemo and his mates under da sea, down where it’s wetter and according to Sebastian, better.

They’d provide the wetsuits, tanks, flippers and masks as well as an instructor and a few underwater snaps.

I sent them an email immediately and they fired one back just a quickly confirming the booking and telling me they’d pick us up from Platys Gialos bus stop at 9.10am on Sunday morning.

Yikes…nothing like a early morning Scuba Dive on your 30th to make you feel young again.


So I kept it secret for about three weeks before I started panicking that he wouldn’t want to get up so early on his birthday, then resolving that he wouldn’t mind when he knew what it was we were doing.

…Then stressing that he hadn’t actually ever said he’d wanted to go scuba diving before…and maybe he’d hate it. Had I just bought him something that really I wanted to do and wrapped it up as a ‘gift for him’ AGAIN. Eeek.

So I crumbled and told him (well, made him guess which he was RUBBISH at) and he was excited!! Ouff relief!


Sunday morning came and we hiked it to the bus stop in Platys Gialos which is on the road down to the beach and very easy to find.

I hadn’t been given the name of the guy that was picking us up, nor whether it was a bus or car or any information really (plus you don’t pay in advance which always makes me wonder if it’s really booked). We were just waiting and hoping that someone would show up.

Three buses came and went off on various excursions…and then finally a man (who we soon found out was Kostos) rolled up in his GO DIVE t-shirt. Phew.


We jumped into the minibus with another guy and picked up one more girl en route and headed for Lia beach.

Lia beach is MUCH quieter than any of the beaches we went to in Mykonos. There’s literally one beach bar, about 50 sunloungers and the Go Dive hut. It’s really peaceful and a very lovely place to relax.

On arrival we filled out our health/medical forms and then they kitted us out with our gear.




Everyone else then hopped in a boat and headed off for a dive whilst Kostos gave us a quick beach briefing that involved how to get water out of your mask, the hand signals to use, how to inflate and deflate your jacket and then we were off!

Once in the sea we practised breathing under the water before swimming off into the ocean where the adventure really began…






We swam for possibly 45 minutes but I couldn’t really tell you as time does stand still when you’re down where it’s wetter.

It’s so calm and quiet and a honestly such a wonderful experience. Kostos said he uses diving as his meditation time which I can totally understand.

There is no noise, no outside distractions, no technology and no talking. The talking bit was tricky for me as I could talk all day and all night (hell, each post I write gets longer and longer) so not being able to vocalise my thoughts was a tad frustrating.

To compensate I definitely overused the OK hand signal to show how much I was enjoying it!



Remembering that you don’t need to go up to the surface is a bit weird to begin with. It’s just not natural to be underwater for that long but once you get used to it and remain as calm and relaxed as possible it’s really enjoyable.

I can see why for some people it’s quite scary but I loved it!

My favourite part was when we came round a corner into the biggest shoal of fish, there were hundreds of them and I absolutely felt like Ariel, just for a split second.

Then it was time to swim back to the shore and sing Part of Your World. Only kidding (I was definitely humming it though).





Scuba Diving cost us 60 euros each and I’d say it’s well worth the money. You can get picked up and dropped back to your hotel. You get all the equipment and you get to properly dive too.

When I booked the ‘Introduction to Diving’ I genuinely thought we’d be paddling around in the shallow waters and coming up every 10 minutes to have our instructor explain to us what we were doing, how we were doing it, what we were doing right/wrong but instead Kostos was keen to just get us in the water and swim.

And to top it all off we obviously got the underwater photos which I was SO excited about having!

But I saved the best picture til last…


I totally wasn’t going to share this picture out of pure, unadulterated fear that I will be mocked across the internet for being a much shorter, curvier and less asthetically pleasing version of a Victoria Secrets model but then I told myself to stop being a MORON and stick it in the post seeing as it’s the only picture of me that isn’t underwater. Oh and the secret to my amazing bikini body…


Anyway both me and the boy are really eager to book a Padi course on our next sun holiday so we can do a bit more in terms of diving, there really is a whole other world to discover out in the big blue. Skiing and scuba diving in one year, we’re turning into a right action couple!

After the dive we spent an hour or so on Lia beach soaking up the rays before being dropped back in Platys Gialos for that birthday day pizza I told ya about and then later it was off to Mykonos town for dinner but that is all another post.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x

2 thoughts on “Magical Mykonos: Scuba Diving

  1. marie says:

    hi i enjoyed reading your post. my Bf and i will be in mykonos, after reading your blog im more convince to try discover scuba diving. I would like to ask if you know how to swim? because I don’t, and im wandering if they will let us dive that deep.. thanks

    • haveyouheardthelatest says:

      Hi – yes I can swim. I doubt you will be able to dive if you can’t swim. We didn’t go deep but I would imagine safety wise you’d still need to be able to swim? Check with them before you book, they’re really helpful on email 🙂

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