Magical Mykonos – Platys Gialos

To quote Will Ferrell in, the well loved Christmas film, Elf…

“I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!!”

Having just spent a week on the Greek Island of Mykonos it’s fair to say the place has me head over heels. The food, the weather, the amazing clear water, the people. I loved it all and was so *not* ready to come home. But let me start at the beginning…


My boyfriend and I were looking for holiday inspiration and were originally thinking of going somewhere further afield than Europe. Our minds were on Mexico, Mauritius, Miami…but when we decided to go in June and more specifically for my man’s 30th and it seemed silly to fly 14 hours plus, when we could enjoy good weather and a proper beach holiday a little closer to home. As a child I visited the island of Corfu with my family had amazing memories of moussaka, the warm Mediterranean sea and many a happy week spent in the Greek sunshine. So we looked into Santorini and Mykonos with Mykonos of course eventually winning out.


Previously we’ve done all inclusive/half board package style holidays. While these can be nice if you like to literally do nothing, they’re really not my cup of tea as you don’t often get the same experience as when you’re out of a big hotel complex and fending for yourselves. Therefore I took charge of booking and selected the self catering Katerina Apartments in Platys Gialos. We made the booking with Thomson though, so had flights and transfers included. This is always handy as you don’t want to fanny about when you arrive and try to explain to your taxi driver where you want to go with lots of pointing and hand gestures and then argue with them for overcharging you.

So anyway, aboard the bus we drove for about 15 minutes before we arrived HERE…

katerina-apartments-platys-gialos-mykonos blue-sky-with-sun-ray man-sat-on-ledge-next-to-plant-pot-in-mykonos

…on Friday afternoon. We dumped our bags in the room, whacked on some SPF30 and immediately headed over to the beach.

Platys Gialos beach was about a 8minute walk from our apartment. When we arrived I was a little disappointed to see that the beach was *covered* in sun loungers…it was so crowded with them you could barely see any sand. So we strolled along the front of the beach right to the other end where we found a) the nicest sunbeds and b) room to swing a cat. We plonked ourselves on a couple of beds that were practically in the sea, lay back and began soaking up the rays.

entrance-to-platys-gialosplatys-gialos-beach-and-palm-umbrella man-sunbathing-in-mykonos

Fast forward 5-6 hours later and we were ready to head back to the room, freshen up and head out for dinner. Our first night we walked back down to the beach front, taking a selfie on the way, *naturally* and went to Avli Tou Thodori. We chose Avli Tou Thodori because it was the top listed restaurant in PG as told by my good friend Tripadvisor. The place was right on the beach front as we discovered nearly all the restaurants in Platys Gialos are. We were greeted by the owner and he showed us to our table  which was a really nice touch. We went in with an obvious order of tzatziki, bread and halloumi to start. For mains I had chicken stuffed with smoked cheese and mushrooms a top a bed of green pasta, which actually looked like runner beans – I know weird – and my man had Kleftiko which is lamb wrapped in a tin foil parcel and slow roasted with garlic, lemon and herbs.




Sorry about the terrible food picture, I got a bit impatient with taking the photo as I was hungry so that will have to do…looks sort of tempting though, right? We didn’t order dessert as we were stuffed from our mains and the mountains of bread we consumed on arrival BUT, nice surprise, we got it anyway! Complimentary doughnut style balls and chocolate dip were delivered to our table. It was a great start to the holiday and things just got better!

view-of-platys-gialos-beach beach-at-platys-gialos

On our first real morning we were up early and headed back to those sunbeds I mentioned. It seems in Mykonos that lying on the sand isn’t really the done thing. And that’s fine by me as I don’t really like to anyway…I mean you always end up with it all over your towel and stuck to your body and then it mixes with your suncream creating an unwanted exfoliator that scratches your freshly burnt (oh so burnt) skin. I was more than happy to pay 12 euros a day for 2 x sunbeds and an umbrella on PG beach.


The place we set up camp for the first couple of days was outside Bonatsa beach bar where the sunbeds are thick and comfy and it’s a bit calmer, ideal for relaxing and reading. It’s certainly the best spot on PG beach. The waitress service to your sun lounger is obviously another perk but we soon discovered that this is the norm in Mykonos *heaven!*


We spent the day sunning, swimming and smiling. We also found some rocks to dive off into the sea which is so much more fun than diving into a boring old chlorine filled swimming pool! Although there was a cut foot incident which produced more blood than was necessary and a lot of hobbling around trying not to get sand in the cut all whilst I played the worst nurse in the world more concerned with getting back to working on her tan than her poor limping man.

Night no. 2: We went for dinner at Yialo Yialo which is, like, three doors down from Avli Tou Thodori. As I mentioned, we realised quickly that the beach front of Platys Gialos was pretty much the whole of Platys Gialos but this just made us all the more keen to venture out later in the week. Yialo Yialo is lovely…beautifully decorated in the Mykonos way, a sort of shabby chic cottage feel. White throughout and even a cute push bike turned plant pot!


I chose classic spaghetti bolognaise which was very rich with a dark, heavy sauce not the best but far from the worst. I accompanied my dinner with a dreamy passionfruit martini. Boyfriend had the first of many souvlaki which is a proper greek dish although best described as a homemade kebab…y’know the skewer ones you make that normally get left in favour of burgers and sausages. Anyway this was the dish he’d been craving despite not knowing it existed until we arrived…him: “all I want is loads of grilled meat!”, me: “yeah babe, you’ll want to order souvlaki than” him: “no just grilled meat Harry, I don’t want anything Souvlakian.” (like souvlaki is even a place!) me: *rolls eyes* “trust me for once, yeah? You want to order souvlaki”. So yes, I was right and he was wrong but happy and wrong, not over the moon as the souvlaki was good but not the best he would have.

girl-drinking-cockail-on-holiday guy-in-green-tshirt-poses-for-picture

Tonight there were no free desserts but there was a shot of Ouzo. Bleugh. Our first of the trip but sadly not our last. Ouzo is a Greek spirit and the stuff is deadly. There’s also the great myth that if you spend you’re night drinking this and then down some water the next day it will get you drunk again by mixing with the Ouzo in your body…not sure how true this is and I wasn’t keen to find out!



Day Three and it was actually the souvlaki lovers birthday! The big THREE OHHHH! We had to get up super early as I’d planned a little surprise that wasn’t actually a surprise as I’d told him about it a week before we left. I just hate holding stuff like that in…I get excited and then I get nervous and then I have to tell him what I’ve planned and then I’m disappointed I didn’t keep it a secret for longer. Anyway the surprise was Scuba Diving but I’ll explain all about that in another post! Yeah I am going to drag this holiday out in as many posts as possible…I’ve got 4 in mind so far but am sure I can come up with a few more? Honestly, your excitement is palpable. Don’t worry it’s cute 😉


So off we went scuba diving and we arrived back in big, bad small and very nice PG around lunch time where we hit up Thea for some birthday pizza. Thea has lovely views over the bay as it’s sat a little higher than the other restaurants. Our pizzas were, well, I’ve had better. But it was a nice place to soak up the atmosphere of the beach, admire the yachts (I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned these yet!) and people watch.


By the way I realise that the above picture is not a yacht (no really, it’s a water taxi) so admittedly isn’t the best pic to have after mentioning said yachts but I have a limited number of photos for my posts (thanks to someone dropping his phone down the toilet on the day we got back IDIOT!) so have to save some for those later ones.

view-from-thea-restaurant-platys-gialos boats-in-the-sea-at-platys-gialos pizza-at-theas-restaurant-mykonos


Not a day over 25!

After lunch we made our way back to the sunloungers and frazzled for the rest of the afternoon before heading into Mykonos town for dinner…but that’s another post, of course.

So this pretty much wraps up Platys Gialos. 2 days and 2 nights is really enough to get a feel for the place…any more and I think I would have got a bit bored. It’s a great place to stay for couples and families as it’s quieter than other parts of Mykonos but it’s still very easy to get to the livelier bits (Mykonos Town/Super Paradise). The water is very calm and super clear, I did some amazing snorkelling around the rocks and saw hundreds of different fish. Also speaking to some of the people that worked/lived in Mykonos it seemed that PG was a place they chose to go and chill.

I know this is a basically an extended post about food (three restaurants in one!!) but meh, that’s what holidays are about right? Eating, sleeping, eating, relaxing, eating, sunbathing, eating (waiting an hour), swimming, eating. So prepare for more of this in the upcoming posts…there’s that excitement again!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

Harry x


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