Dinner & Dancing: Kaslik and Thriller Live

Amazingly I have, somehow managed to find a wonderful man who loves me from me head…TOMATOES!


Perhaps this pic will help…


You see, from me head…to my toes…to ma toes…TOMATOES!

I mean, laugh out fucking loud or what! There’s nothing like a good pun, especially food related and man do I love tomatoes too.

Anyway this card was actually from me rather than to me. I gave this home-made effort to my boyfriend a couple of Thursday’s ago after our relationship hit the four year mark.

Yup, as I said…somehow I’ve managed to find someone who not only loves me but someone who has also willingly stuck with me for four whole years despite the never ending list of annoyances he encounters.

  1. Exasperatingly untidy (read: has floordrobe not wardrobe
  2. Regularly arrive home much later and a lot drunker than I mean too.
  3. Moult like a Pekingese puppy
  4. Cry at nothing.
  5. Cry at everything.
  6. Talk about feminism, inequality and how sexism is rife at every party we go to (time and place Harry!)
  7. Don’t want to go on a lazy beach holiday because it’s boring
  8. Go on a skiing holiday and cry because I’m tired and just want to lie down and relax.
  9. When he gives me a compliment I always ask him to expand on it “but why do you think I look nice?”
  10. My love of glitter and lots of it, meaning he often ends up covered in the stuff too, as does our bed and entire room.

…and there are many more too, the list really is endless.


Anyway, I gave him my funny ‘tomatoes’ card (Neil Buchanan eat your heart out) and he surprised me, firstly, with a huge bouquet of flowers at the start of the week and then tickets to see Thriller Live! at the Lyric Theatre.

Lucky for me, love isn’t a competition because as you can tell, he’s pretty much Usain Bolt (aka he won it hands down) whereas I’m clearly more Eddie the Eagle (crashed and burned) in the romance stakes (TOMATOES!).


stargazer-lily-in-bloom thriller-live-ticket

Our ‘anniversay date’ fell on the start of the 2014 World Cup (rewind four years and it was the first England game of the 2010 world cup when I managed to snag him for reals – meaning I turned up at his house drunk as a skunk after watching England draw against the USA and suggested pretty incessantly that he be my boyfriend, drunk me is charming af clearly!).

But anyway, instead of watching Pitt Bull dance around a Sao Paolo stadium in some questionable trousers, we met in an incredibly vibrant, buzzing and sunny Soho around 6pm.

We had decided on a bit of Lebanese cuisine before the theatre and Kaslik on Greek street (Soho Square end) seemed like the ideal place for this.


Kaslik is a small and enchanting restaurant, that does it’s best to give you a real feel of the Middle East with it’s impressive decor.

Plush reds and heavy golds adorn the walls. There’s an array of beautiful lanterns hanging from the ceiling and seats littered with pillows and embroidered fabrics, that line glittering gold table tops.

It’s definitely a more intriguing restaurant than most!

My only negative on the decor would be the stools we sat on, purely from personal preference, the weren’t the most comfortable to perch on for dinner.

The close confines of the restaurant are romantic and relaxed and I liked that it was a bit more than your usual table and two chairs.



We decided to order a couple of bits to share for our starter which of course involved the greatest discovery of my adult life – grilled Halloumi.

This stuff is salty, squeeky goodness, seriously, if you haven’t tried it stop reading and hot-foot it round to Tesco’s to pick up a load. I could eat an entire block of this cheese on a daily basis and never get bored of it.

In addition to the Halloumi we also ordered some hummus and breads.


Now the presentation of the food wasn’t amazing and the bread didn’t appear to be freshly baked as we’d hoped but it was still satisfying and, well, I had Halloumi so I was happy.

For drinks we took the when in Rome Lebanon approach and I had a great Lebanese wine and my boyfriend had a Lebanese beer. Not normally a place you think of when ordering wine and beer but I can report that the beer especially was a hit. Sweet and light even me, normally non-beer drinker stole more that a few swigs from the boyfriend.



For mains my man had a mixed grill and I had a chicken Shish Tawuk. Again I wasn’t bowled over with how it looked when it arrived, I know this sounds ridiculous but I think it was the plates more than anything, they looked a bit cheap and the meal presented how I would do so at home, as in…I don’t care how it looks, it’s only me eating it.

Being totally honest though, I didn’t really care how it looked it was all about the taste. The meat was well cooked and the meal nicely filling. It’s not somewhere I would absolutely urge you to go but if you’re in Soho and fancy somewhere casual to eat with a bit of a different look then Kaslik is a fine choice.


We paid up, using my Tastecard (which I got free in a competition I forgot I entered!) so we got 50% off the food which was a nice little bonus.

We then made our way to the theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue. It was still pretty balmy in central London and I was concerned the theatre might be a sweat fest – which is was a little towards the end – but a nice cool G&T on arrival did help keep the heat at bay.

Beware though, it is a cash only bar downstairs in the theatre.



We entered the auditorium and realised we were, as the fashion lot say, on the Frow for the night’s performance.

Seriously we were so close to the stage I could have hot footed it up there and joined in at any point (and I very nearly did!!) but this also meant that we were in danger of being splattered with some of the ‘energy’ (ahem, sweat) of the hard-working guys and girls on stage.

We could also see that some of the costumes were in need of a little TLC which took away a bit of the razzle dazzle of it all.



That said, the show was great, the singing incredible and the dancing was flawless.

West End performers really are a talented bunch and we could see from their facial expressions (a plus of being in the FROW) just how much they enjoyed being on the stage, they even fooled us into thinking that a post interval power cut was part of the show by carrying on dancing and singing despite a total blackout!

Thankfully this didn’t last long and we were soon wowed with their Dirty Diana number as they restarted the second half.

In addition to the usual dancing and singing the attention given to making it all ‘Micheal Jackson’ was amazing. They had his moves, his mannerisms and his magic ‘je ne sais quoi’. 

The show really is hit after hit after hit and you can’t help but blame it on the boogie when you find yourself jigging in your seat.


We left the theatre with aching hands from a long and rapturous applause at the end. Me vowing to sign up to a dance class and my boyfriend giving me the same look he has done for the last 4 years whenever I make bold statements like this, you know the “yes of course you are.” look that actually means “I know you that this will never happen”.

It was a wonderful evening, even more so because of the company – soz, had to have a bit of soppiness in this post, get ready to pass the sick bucket – I feel very happy and content to be with in the relationship that I am, it sure ain’t perfect but it’s my kind of imperfect perfect. Here’s to the next four years eh!

Thanks for reading!

Harry x



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