A List of Loves…

Remember back when we had Top 5 Friday on the blog? Well I’ve thought about sort of re-introducing it except it no longer has to be Friday and it no longer has to be just 5 things, it can be any day and as many or few things as I want it to be, because I’m in charge. Although in this case it is 5 things…and it is Friday – Ahh whatever, here are some things that I really like at the moment. (and I promise they’re not all cheese related, not even one of them!)

1. Gypsy River –

I found these guys on instagram and am loving and lusting over every picture they post. In my head I am a beachy, hippy, bohemian goddess in the way I like to dress. In reality I buy things from Topshop that I hate a month later when I realise I shop like a ‘basic bitch‘. But I dream of one day owning a Gypsy River’s customised jackets and hope that I also learn how to effortlessly accessorise with mountains of silver and turquoise jewellery.


customised-army-jacket silver-rings-and-cuffs silver-jewellery-gypsy-style

2. West Tytherley Annual Village Fête –

Ummm did you not SEE my post about their awesome annual fete? WELL CLICK HERE THEN.


3. Homemade Salads –

I know, I know, stop rolling your eyes! I’m totally with you I hate those fitness-y, healthy, positivity, feeling good, feeling great gym bunny posts too but I really am loving home-made salads at the moment. After banning myself from spending in excess of £5 on lunch every day (goodbye Pret!) and from eating all my daily calorie intake for before midday – in a bid to a) save money and b) lose my gunt – I’ve got really good at making salads. My current favourite is peppery rocket salad, chopped up cherry tomatoes, avocado and wafer thin turkey breast. What’s more is that I can prepare this fresh every day in my office. Eeeeez peaaaaze. You’re welcome, thin and rich Harriet of the future.


4. American Apparel Nail Varnish –

This.stuff.is.the.shit. Particularly the neon shades. I painted my nails with this last Friday (two coats and a Sally Hansen top coat – it needs the top coat for a bit of shiiiiiine) and it’s only just threatening to chip (that missing bit on my middle finger was thanks to me).


IMG_20140522_110910 IMG_20140522_111843 IMG_20140521_193320

5. Ellie Slee’s rants on the Huffington Post –

I’ve been loving these for a while so had to share. From taxing tampons to Beyonce and feminism, Ellie does not hold back. In fact when something happens in the social stratosphere (those make-up free selfies!!!) I am often gagging for her to get all soapbox-y on it so I can scream YEEEEESSSS ELLIE at my screen. It’s as if she’s reading my thoughts, although my thoughts aren’t quite as eloquent and/or funny as she is in her writing. I urge you head over to the Huffington Post and devour every article she’s written. NOW.


Oh and she also writes and stars in the Wig Chronicles. Funneeeeeeyaaahh.

ellie-slee PhotoGrid_1400753284642

Hope some of this interests you! Would love to hear about any of the things you’re obsessing over at the moment so feel free to pop any down in the comments!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Harry x

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