The Mayfair Pizza Co.

Last week I treated Joe, one of the other men in my life, to a birthday lunch at The Mayfair Pizza Co. We met back in ye old Dorset circa 2005 when I had black hair and a 22 inch waist and more weirdly, Joe had a girlfriend.

We bonded over our ability to quote from Sister Act 2, Muriel’s Wedding and the Lion King in any given situation as well as a need for hard and reckless partying most weekends. Almost 10 years later, for richer for poorer, for better for worse we’re still amazing pals and so it was only right I splash out on a posh pizza for his birthday or as he would put it ‘On this the day of my Jubilee – eeeeeeee’.

*Not really his Jubilee, he’s only 27 – but during his 26th he’d managed to arrive so smashed that this was the only coherent sentence he could utter…ahem, after spilling a whole glass of red wine down his fresh, white shirt. Oh yeah, at Goodmans read about it here.


Anyway…we met on Friday so were limited to an hour, thanks to full time employment and someone else’s watch.

I sprinted from the other side of Regent Street and navigated my way to the hidden area of Lancashire Court which you’ll find just off New Bond Street. Once in Lancashire Court and outside Mews of Mayfair you need to duck into one of the doorways and head upstairs to the restaurant of the Mayfair Pizza Co.



I arrived first and was shown to a room in the back of the restaurant. I wasn’t bowled over by the decor. This place has been open a year but it felt like longer. The walls looked a little tired and there’s something about it that feels very hotel like – it certainly tries to fit into the Mayfair neighbourhood which is pretty uninspiring I have to say.

It just doesn’t feel very much like a ‘pizza restaurant’. The clientele too are all smart shirts and suits and the odd super rich bond street shopper but then I guess I do have to remember it is the Mayfair pizza co and not the Uber-hip-and-laid-back-east-London pizza co, sorry I obviously mean Pizza East.

All that said, it was busy for a lunchtime so I took that as a big thumbs up.


Joe arrived not long after and with a caramel Candy Cupcake in hand…a thank-you to me from him for taking him out. I know, I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be the other way round on your birthday – you get cake, you don’t give it but who’s complaining!

It smelt i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e and I had to use all my willpower not to devour it before my lunch…alas no pic!


We decided to share a starter of meatballs and sadly stuck to soft drinks as I mentioned we were meeting on a work day. I don’t know about the rest of you but I go one of two ways after a slurp of something alcoholic. I either instantly need a nap or I unleash a total wild woman who can down 10 jagerbombs and loves a bit of bar-top dancing (god I sound like an out of control alcoholic!).

Whichever one of the two may have surfaced I doubt would have been appreciated by my boss so I stuck to H2O on the rocks.

As for the meatballs, they were succulent little things in a rich tomato sauce, topped with parmesan cheese. Annoyingly though there were 3 in the serving which isn’t a great number for sharing. I did the noble thing however and let the Joe have two big meaty balls, it was his birthday after all and he does love big meaty balls.

He also loves a picture and let me take as many as I needed!!! Even encouraging the ‘action’ shot below. What a relief after many a dinner with my boyfriend, who has taken to ruining foodie pictures with rude hand gestures. So mature.


For mains we ordered THE SAME! Two Salami, Chorizo, Parma Ham & Pancetta pizzas! So unheard of for me (I don’t like to order the same as anyone else) but I’d already made my decision when Joe jumped on the bandwagon.

Suffering from horrendous food envy he simply couldn’t order anything else on the menu and again, it being his birthday, I let this one slide. That’s not to say Joe wasn’t almost tempted by the pulled pork topping complete with crackling (you heard right!) but not sure whether this would work on a pizza, he swerved it…hey, there’s always next time.


The pizza arrived piping hot! Almost annoyingly so as we couldn’t dive in straight away but I guess you’re food being too hot isn’t really a complaint is it?

In front of me lay a lovely thin base, swimming in mozzarella and crisped meat, it was my ideal pizza. Only the parma ham was possibly a bit of an unnecessary topping considering the other meats involved. It didn’t really mix well on the pizza and I ended up just eating it on it’s own rather than with the dough base – BUT – the rest of the pizza was molto delizioso! *said with big hand gestures*


We both managed to totally clear our plates which is obviously a pretty good sign! And although I was full I wasn’t ready to have a fork stuck in.

That said there was no room (or time) for dessert so we ordered the bill and got ready to go.

I was a little bit gutted as they have sweet pizzas on the dessert menu which really piqued my interest – just check out a picture of one below!

(This dish would surely also pique the interest of my friend, two-pizzas-Grace who may have to be renamed three-pizzas-Grace as it seems, thanks to the genius of The Mayfair Pizza Co. she can now have pizza for all courses! Yay for western world gluttony!).

Lunch finished and sulking over the lack of sweet pizza I consoled myself with the caramel cupcake from earlier and waited for our bill – almost, fourty pounds of it, this pizza ain’t that cheap! –


…out the corner of my eye I caught a flash of ginger hair and couldn’t believe it when I spied Ron from Harry Potter leaving the restaurant!!!! RUPERT FECKIN’ GRINT IN THE SAME RESTAURANT AS ME!!!

Anyone who know’s me should understands I have serious and not at all geeky love for everything Potter related. I literally couldn’t pay the bill fast enough as I did my best to get another glimpse of one of the stars from my teenage years. I shot round the corner and almost went arse over tit straight into Rupert Grint and his harem of assistants before shyly turning the other way and running back to work squealing in stupid, girly excitement.

Based on this and this alone, The Mayfair Pizza Co. is now my new favourite restaurant and I shall be back there weekly until I cross paths with Ron again, I’ll also be furiously praying that he brings Harry and Hermione along for a slice too – not forgetting Joe of course, however he’ll have to brush up on his Potter quotes! “Wingardium Leviosa”!!

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