Bleecker Burgers, The Feast of St George, and the Dickens Inn

You might remember a little post back in February about my trip to Hawker House (read about that here) where I tried the most phenomenal burger of my life from the Bleecker Street Burger van.  Well since then I’d been a on a mission to introduce my man to the ‘best burger he’d ever have’ and Easter Monday seemed like as good a time as any; so I suggested a stroll along Southbank to find their food truck and as a way to round off the Easter weekend.

2014-04-28 21.23.16

We arrived on the south side of the river around 1pm and first strolled through Gabriel’s Wharf which is an an enchanting little area! Dotted with crazy wood carvings, trinket laden outlets, a bicycle hire shop and a plethora of restaurants and cafes; It’s a great place to stop off before hitting the packed out Thames promenade. In particular you can find The Gourmet Pizza Co. who happen to make some of the best pizzas in London (and Winchester actually)! As well as Studio 6 where you can grab a mean jug of Pimms for those lovely super, sunny, summer afternoons. On this particular day, however, Pimms and pizza were not on the itinerary meaning we skipped through the wharf and headed straight for the main Southbank and Festival Pier.



The Bleecker Street Burger van is parked slap-bang in front of the recently rescued skate park. We arrived at prime munching time which meant the queue was a little lengthy. Instead of joining the tail-end we popped upstairs to the Roof Garden Cafe/Bar which is a lovely little oasis in the middle of a concrete jungle. There’s something about greenery and nature that is very calming don’t you think? Anyway we got ourselves a drink each at the bar and did us some people watching from on high, while always keeping one eye on that queue at the burger van.

IMG_20140425_194907 IMG_20140425_194831 IMG_20140425_194807 IMG_20140425_194727

As soon as we saw a lull in trade we whizzed over and placed our order. With plans to head to Trafalgar Square for the Feast of St George later, we opted to share a classic cheeseburger between two so we could save some space for other possible delights from the other food stalls sure to be at the Feast. We also plumped for a portion fries, not the angry ones mind, as I’m not big on chillies and the boyfriend despises blue cheese.

1398091922671 IMG_20140425_194628


I have to say I wasn’t as wowed this time by my half burger. For one, I’m sure the first burger I had was a lot bigger in size and although this second one was still good it wasn’t ‘mind blown part deux’ like I’d expected. Maybe I’d hyped it up too much in my head or maybe, back in February when I’d first made a Bleecker burger’s acquaintance, I’d been more drunk on smokey fumes and hot apple rum than I’d realised. Who knows, but I won’t give up on them yet as being the best burger ever – I’ll just have to undertake some more research…which will mainly involve eating a lot more of their burgers. If anyone wants to join me in this very high-brow and important task you’re more than welcome to!


IMG_20140425_194553 IMG_20140425_194525 IMG_20140425_194443

Bleecker Street Burger experience done and dusted, we did as planned and headed to Trafalgar Square which had been decked out for the Feast of St George. As anticipated there were lots of food stalls (Heck Sausages, Hix Fishdogs, Scoff & Nosh) but none really tickled our fancy so we decided ice cream was as good a choice as any. I had strawberry while my man stayed classic with a vanilla scoop. We sat near the fountain and soaked up the atmosphere, pointing out giant bear/dogs, crazy St George’s Day costumes, and mad foreign kids nearly falling in! That’s the nice thing about London…you don’t really have to ‘do’ anything, just being in Trafalgar Square was entertainment enough!

IMG_20140425_194411 IMG_20140425_194115


I did nip back to one food stall, Neal’s Yard – I just couldn’t help myself. The cheese was calling me so I picked up a little piece of Innes Brick goats cheese which is so creamy and delicious I haven’t even been eating it with anything…literally I’ve just cutting chucks of it off at a time and gobbling it whole, not a Jacobs in sight!

Feast of St George


We stayed in Traflagar for a little while longer admiring the stilt walkers, listening to the warbling song from the band stand (sadly, and I say this without an hint of sarcasm, we’d missed the maypole and the morris dancers) revelling in the patriotism of it all, before deciding it was time to move along in search of a cold, alcoholic beverage.


IMG_20140428_223014 2014-04-28 22.33.00

And we found that alcoholic beverage at one of our favourite spots back over East in St Katherine’s Docks. The Dickens Inn is where me and my boy had our first date so as you can guess I’m a big fan, purely because every time I go back there I’m reminded of the witty banter and repartee he wooed me with almost 4 years ago now. Just kidding, I’m the one in the relationship with the banter and whit, can’t you tell?

We enjoyed the last of the bank holiday with the sun on our backs and a cold drink before calling it a day and heading home to cry that the four day weekend was finally over and the reality of work was on the horizon. Luckily the next bank holiday is now but a few days away and I have a feeling this next one may be a little wilder than the last with plans to head North to Newcastle!

What do your bank holiday plans consist of?

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