Adam Bennett Hair at Jonning & Riashi

For me, Easter used to signal the start of raving and misbehaving. An introduction to the hazy summer months of party, party, party. Four whole days of underground electronic nights, warehouse raves and body shaking bass resulting in a Jesus-like feeling of having risen from the dead come Monday (or was that Zombie like?). This year however I shunned the secret locations and sub-woofers in favour of really looking after myself. I revelled in the idea of early nights and sleeping late, I visited a spa and mud-wrapped the toxins out of my body (read about that here) and on Easter day itself I visited a church of sorts; hair salon, Jonning and Riashi and colour-god Adam for the ultimate girly indulgence, getting ma hur did.


I’ve known Colour-god Adam for a while and I have to say – he is one of the best colourists around – although I think his colour-god status may have already told you that. Having teased my post-Glastonbury haystack into a sleek and superbly highlighted mane of glossiness last June I knew I had to revisit him when I needed my now grown-out highlights updated. Adam had also only just moved to Jonning and Riashi so I was keen to go in and see what his new salon was like.


Jonning & Riashi can be found just off Goodge Street tucked away on Goodge Place. I arrived rather wet and windswept from an lovely Easter day downpour and Adam greeted me warmly before offering me a drink and a towel to dry my toes (ballet pumps + rain = soaked feet). He popped me in a chair at the island of mirrors and I noticed we were alone in the salon. Y’see the great thing about Jonning & Riashi is that they don’t have set opening times…they pander to the clients time schedules and open up shop whenever you may need a chop. So even though Sunday is typically their day of rest they’ll happily book you in if you so need. Marvellous! Never again will I have to hear the sentence “We can only do Thursday at 4pm or a month on Friday at 2pm”.


Being just us in the salon also meant I felt really relaxed. So often salons are hives of mega activity and mega-watt hair-dryers and I often feel judged not only by my hairdresser for all the god-awful stuff I’ve put my tresses through but all the other hairdressers too. Instead I felt like I’d popped round Adam’s house which also happened to look just like a salon and for that reason I was much more at ease telling him what I wanted.

Adam and I discussed my current hair colour predicament and he assessed what the best plan of action was. The problem being I’d developed an odd band of blondey highlights around the middle part of my hair where they’d grown out and given way to my natural colour (I know, ME, with naturally coloured hair!) however they’d not grown out enough and the ends of my hair were a darker brown (more like my natural colour at the top) – basically it just looked like weird 3 tone hair. Adam suggested we lift the colour on my ends to a lighter shade so the grown out highlights blended more subtly and then toning the top with a semi-permanent gloss. Perfect.


Adam began with the ends popping on a pre-lightener in balayage style, this was then washed out and my hair rough dried before the brown gloss could be applied on top. Once the gloss had been on long enough we headed back to the basins where Adam toned the whole look and followed up with a super smooth blow dry.

And this was the finished result (‘scuse the selfies please!)


I love, love, loved it!!! I mean look at that slightly manic look in my eye – that is the look of a good hair day. I’ll admit that it’s possibly not as light as I wanted it but with the colour build up on the ends we were going to struggle to get that and Adam was very honest about this. What I have got though is a gorgeous soft colour and it’s beautifully blended from top to bottom which also means It will be low maintenance.


If you’re thinking about a colour change or update I couldn’t recommend Adam more. And as I mentioned he also gives a m.e.a.n. blowie! My hair is really prone to frizz and wavy/curly horrendousness and he tamed it was nothing more than a hair dryer and round brush – that’s right, there wasn’t a straightener in sight! He da man riiiight! This made my colour look even better and I skipped home despite being caught in another Easter-day downpour.

You can get in touch with Adam on his facebook page HERE or head over to the Jonning & Riashi website on the link below. Little head’s up too – it’s Adam’s birthday this week so he’s offering all clients a free protein treatment with any service booked!

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