Work Lunching at Wrapchic

I have to admit, probably half my monthly wages go on food. I love the stuff, can’t get enough of it and one of my favourite times of the day is lunchtime, especially during the working week.

Too lazy to make my own packed lunch I always eat out. Working in central London I’m always spoilt for choice when the clock strikes 1pm.

Alas us humans are creatures of habit and too often I find myself in the same Pret or M&S foodhall day in day out – however that all changed when I found Comboco.

It was an amazing, uhhhh-mazing, AMAZING burrito place on D’Arblay Street that quickly had me harbouring a serious sour cream and cheese addiction and then cruelly forced me to go cold turkey after just 6 months by saying that’s a wrap (pun most definitely intended) and closing its doors to the hungry lunchers of Soho.

Boo bloody hoo.


So, a new burrito place had to be found and last week I stumbled across Wrapchic – could this be the Mexican fix I’d been looking for?

Well, sort of.

As the name suggests wraps are their thing and burritos too however the fillings have a more Asian persuasion. You see Wrapchic is an Indian Burrito company and named after Mumbai slang word ‘RapChick’ which means Sexy!

I’m not sure burritos are all that sexy – messy/filthy perhaps but not really sexy. Still I was willing to try anyway…



I headed inside and ordered up a ‘sexy’ Chicken Mughlai wrap – tikka style chicken served with salad and chutney.

My server piled the tortilla with fillings and wrapped it tight so I could take it away. There are a few seats for eating ‘in’ but it’s on the small side and it’s a ‘stools at the window’ window situation so instead I opted to head round the corner to Golden Square and tuck into my ‘Mindican’ (Mexican + Indian duh!) medley.




Quite spicy in taste (and I think mine was the least ‘hot’ option) my wrap was great. Not Comboco great, I think I just love Mexican food too much for an Indian alternative to win me over but it certainly beat my usual Pret ploughmans sandwich.

It was classically hard to eat (even more so in a park full of people eye balling me every now and again) and I had a lot of it all over my hands by the time I’d finished.

However I think it was a really nice & different lunchtime option.

I’d also picked up a Coconut Lassi which is a traditional yoghurt based Indian drink to wash my chic wrap down with and it turned out to be not my cup of tea at all. Bleugh to Lassis. I’m not sure whether it was to do with the yoghurt base or coconut flavour but it wasn’t at all refreshing like I wanted it to be.



Wrapchic has TEN (!) branches open nationwide. Several in Birmingham, Southampton, Leicester and across a few universities and colleges too (it seems students may be their best customers?)

Their Soho branch that I went to is on Beak Street and if you’re lucky, like me, you can soak up the sunshine in Golden Square around the corner. I mean just look at this for a place to sit and eat…


Still in need of at least a weekly burrito fix I’ll be heading back to Wrapchic – possibly to try one of their Wraposa (healthy toasted samosa!) or Wrapchos (Indian Nachos) sides.

However I will still be on the hunt for a classic Mexican replacement to feed my addiction, so if you know of any good ones, feel free to share!

Thanks for reading,

Harry x

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