The Rooftop Cafe

When Spring is springing the only logical thing to do is go and drink wine in the lukewarm, we-wish-it-was-summer-already, sunshine. After months of indoor activities it’s time to get out in the fresh air and what better place to do that then on a rooftop in London. I have somewhat of a penchant for rooftop drinking, in fact, last summer my friends and I embarked on what we called a ‘rooftop roll-a-bout’ which was basically a (classy) pub crawl of any bars 3 floors and up. I did start a post about it so hopefully one day I’ll get around to posting it too. But anyway back to Spring springing –

Last Saturday with the weatherman predicting a smattering of spring sunshine and it also being the end of mine and my pal Ed’s 4 year hiatus in face to face friendship we managed to find the perfect rooftop hang out in London Bridge.

I booked us in for a brunchy/lunch at The Rooftop Cafe at 12.30pm but we actually arrived at nearer to 1pm as this place is pretty tricky to find. It’s all good though as this means that unless you already know about this place, you’re unlikely to stumble on it and therefore it’s likely to stay less busy and remain the perfect hang out I have professed it to be. In fact I’m not even going to explain to you how to get there in order to keep it perfect.

So after a phone call, a lift ride and a couple small flights of stairs (cryptic hey!) we found ourselves in, would-be-if-it-was-in-Shoreditch, hipster heaven. Simple and relaxed we immediately asked if we could sit outside on the roof terrace as opposed to the nice but shady indoor cafe. We headed outside and walked pretty much smack bang into the Shard which was awesome – a bit of instagramming obviously ensued.


It was pretty windy up on the roof to begin with but we, like the classic Brits we are, decided to power through and make the most of any weather that wasn’t rain or snow. We took a seat at a slightly wobbly orange and yellow table and benches and surveyed our surroundings. There was just one other occupied table outside when we arrived but by the time we left it was packed out…people even ended up just chilling on the floor! And with a view like this you can see why…

IMG_20140311_214529 IMG_20140311_214656

If you squint you can see Big Ben and the London Eye in the distance!

Our super friendly waitress bought us some menus and pinned them to the table with a jug of water and a couple of tumblers. We quickly chose to both have les oeufs avec le saucisson – a poached and a porker, my favourite! – I don’t know why I typed the first bit in French, just wanted to show off I guess. We also opted for a bottle of vino to wash it down with and although this may sound odd, (it was already passed midday!) our waitress was even able to suggest a bottle that would be compliment the sausages! Impressive!


Looking at this pic now I should definitely have spiked my egg so you could see the amazing runny yolk! Living and learning I guess…

The food and wine arrived swiftly although some of the garnish on our plates did make a run for it before they made it to our table, that darn wind! Who cares about garnish though when there’s a plate of sausages and eggs in front of you! We both agreed on this point and agreed even more that the food was sublime! Proper, proper sausages and lovely runny yolked, poached eggs.

We spent a good few hours catching up on what we’ve both been doing the last 4 years, since we’d both left Dubai which is where we had met (Ed’s life considerably more exciting than mine with him just having returned from 8 months of travelling with his girlfriend) during this we downed glass after glass of wine and revelled in the warm sunshine on our backs. Our spot was in the perfect place for an afternoon and when I finally had to dash off I was a little bit gutted. I could have stayed there until sunset.

The Rooftop Café, London Bridge

I love the laid back feel of The Rooftop Cafe, many roof places have a bit of fancy shmancy feel to them (Madison, Coq D’Argent, Aqua) or they’re just too well known about and therefore it’s almost impossible to get a seat up there (again Madison, Queen of Hoxton, The Boundary) this place really is a little hidden gem and I will almost definitely be heading back as soon as the sun comes out to play again.

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