A Wembley Cup Final

Recently I posted about my birthday trip to the Emirates to watch my team Sunderland lose get absolutely annihilated by Arsenal. The following weekend my faith was back and I was off to join the red+white army at Wembley for the Capital One Cup Final – which against all odds and a painful penalty shoot out, Sunderland had managed to get to. The first cup final for them in over 20 years.

I can’t really describe the feeling on Sunday morning when I awoke with hope and fear in my belly (and a slight hangover from my bestie’s Wedding the day before). The excitement just managing to overpower the nerves I headed off to Baker street to meet my family for a few pre-match pints.


At 10am the Globe on Marylebone road was packed inside and out. Either Sunderland fans have a bit of a drink problem (hmmm) or everyone just couldn’t wait to get together and get in the spirit of things.

Photo: Baby I'm ready to gooooo!!! Hawaaaay wembley way!! Finally physically got my finger tips on my ticket to wembley and now it feels real!!! Bring on tomorrow!!!!

However before getting into the spirit of things us Killens had, had to contend with yet more ticket dramas.

After my sister losing her Yonce ticket only two days before – she had now managed to misplace her Wembley ticket by leaving it on the back seat of the taxi that dropped her off at Baker Street (!!!!!!!). Honestly, this girl!!!

A seriously panicked call to the cabbie and luckily, amazingly, god-was-looking-down-on-her and helping –  she was re-united with her golden ticket just 10 minutes after losing it. The relief from us all was audible –  no amount of crying on cue would have gotten her in this time.

And this incident had taken place after the earlier nightmare where the key to the safety deposit box which contained my dad & brother’s tickets had been lost.


And not only was the key lost, the number of the safety deposit box had also been drunkenly forgotten inside the foggy and hungover brain of my Dad’s mate Alan.

Some miracle act followed, where another key magically materialised, they remembered the safety box number and we all, eventually, arrived at the pub, with tickets in hand and smiles on our faces.

By this point nerves were peaking and emotions were shot to pieces but surely things could only get better…


Happy families outside the Globe – all with tickets for the match!

Before long we made our way up to Wembley to walk down Wembley Way to the stadium.

Thinking back to that now I get goosebumps remembering the atmosphere. Everywhere you looked was a Sunderland scarf or flag…it was a sea of red and white and I am so glad I got to be a part of it. This was a total first for me, going to Wembley for a cup final and I did my best to take it all in…






There were happy faces everywhere you looked, as well as some seriously cracking outfits…


We got to the stadium and my sister and I had managed to bag ourselves some incredible seats…7 rows from the pitch and almost on the halfway line, we could have been subbed on if needed!

The stadium itself is huge and when the Sunderland fans broke out into song the noise was deafening.




The game kicked off and the Sunderland lads fought tooth and nail, giving everything they had to try and reach that victory. Even scoring the first goal and giving us a moment of elation where we believed we could actually win!!!

Sadly it wasn’t meant to be.

Despite this, I had the most amazing day and although we didn’t win I was just so happy to be there and to celebrate a goal! The exhilaration and euphoria in the Sunderland end when Fabio Borini fired the first goal of the game into the back of the net is something I’ll remember forever.

I know this isn’t a review as such and slightly different to my other posts but I just wanted to put this day on my blog, I guess it’s so that when I possibly look back on this space on the internet in years to come I can try and remember how I felt and what an incredible time it was to be a Sunderland supporter.

For an even better idea of what that day, nay, weekend was like for Sunderland fans have a little watch of this video made by a Sunderland fan, for the Sunderland fans…every time I watch it I well up and a huge smile creeps across my face.

Ha’way the lads.

We love you Sunderland we do!!!

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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