Beyonce at London O2

Having had an awesome birthday weekend last week (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 awesome parts no less) there was no rest for the wicked, as this weekend just gone I had even more amazing things to do. I was off to Wembley on Sunday for the Capital One Cup Final after managing the impossible and actually getting a ticket in the Sunderland end. On Saturday I watched one of my best friend walk down the aisle and marry her wonderful man. And on Friday night I put a big tick on my imaginary bucket list and finally saw Queen Bey perform live.


She was show-stoppingly good. Her voice faultless, the crowd amazing and exactly what I’d been hoping, waiting and wishing for. I went along with my sister, her boyfriend and two of my gay bezzers.

IMG_20140301_115332 IMG_20140304_221850

There was a mild drama getting into the venue when my slightly prosecco and G&T fuelled sister managed to lose her ticket (don’t even ask me how?!) but she gave us an a-list performance in distraught, desperate dame and the poor security guard on the door didn’t stand a chance. Before we knew it she was inside with a wrist band without having found or bought another ticket. Seriously she should have won an Oscar this year, never mind Leo. (speaking of which THIS cracked me up.)

But back to Beyonce…

IMG_20140304_221521 IMG_20140304_221602

IMG_20140228_214350 IMG_20140304_221357

I really couldn’t have started my weekend in a better way. I was literally singing, dancing, booty shaking, slut-dropping (as if!) and moving my jelly for 2 hours straight. I’d honestly never been bothered about going to a concert before. In fact, despite having been to Rihanna, Paramore (NOT my idea) and Neyo (as bad as it sounds) I have never bought tickets to a concert, festivals yes. Concerts no. I actually swore I’d never go to the O2 again after sitting so high for Neyo and listening to some guy tell me how “truthful and real” the songs were and how they really just “spoke to everyone on a personal level” – Yeah ok…

“She’s a monster, beautiful monster
Beautiful monster but I don’t mind
And I need her, said I need her
Beautiful monster but I don’t mind”

Such a personal message there.

But there is something about Beyonce her songs and her whole performance that – (makes me massively sounds like I’m on the Bey-train) – I couldn’t not go and see her in action.

IMG_20140304_221314 IMG_20140304_221233

From opening with Who Run the World, smashing into her new hits including “I woke up like this” tune –  Flawless and doing a little rendition of Whitney’s I Will Always Love You before finishing with my favourite,  Halo, it was the best concert I’ve ever been too and I honestly don’t think it could be topped.

I think it’s partly because growing up my mum blasted us with Whitney, Celine and Mariah. My childhood was a haven of belting out tune after tune on car journeys to Marks & Spencers (my Mum has an unhealthy obsession with this store) and of course always getting the words wrong – I thought Mislead by Celine was actually Miss Lead for ages and I always wanted to be her, much like Whitney’s Queen of the Night. Anyway as I never got to see any of these divas in concert it sort of feels like Beyonce is my modern day version and the fact my mum now blasts Bey out of her car speakers means whenever I go home we still have these mad yet more modern sing-a-longs.

A huge highlight too was obviously Mr Carter, Jigga Man, Jay Z joining her on stage for Drunk in Love. Amazingly it was the only time I filmed during the concert…and I wasn’t even facing the stage when he came on, as you can see by the video below, and I know you can’t even really see it’s him but the whole crowd went crazy.

Haha – I love how excited my mate Lee gets when he realised it’s Jay Z!

Beyonce’s outfits were obviously amazing too! Along with her all female band and backing dancers – bar the twin brothers backing dancers who tore up the stage. I really was wowed by the whole show the only thing I wish I’d done was get a little closer in so that I could see a bit more although I didn’t really mind being at the back of the standing as it meant there was loads of space to dance around like lunatics. My friends and I all remembered this hilarious drunken night in some random bar in Soho a couple of years ago, where we strutted our absolute stuff on the dance floor to Beyonce so to recreate that funny night to her singing live was unreal.


My sister fully going for a sing-a-long with her guy!

I really, really urge you to try and see Queen Beyonce if you can. She’s a true superstar and, in today’s super-celeb world where anyone can be famous, I think she’s one of very few.

Here’s a much better quality video – not taken by me – of her performing Flawless on tour if you want something to get you in the mood!!

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