Birthday Weekender 3.0 – Chico Banditos

Birthday Weekender 3.0 is here…you guys ready? C’mon then, let’s go…

Following a mad dash home from my earlier birthday activity of watching Sunderland sadly lose to Arsenal at the Emirates; I was showered and changed into a little birthday number ready to venture out for dinner.

I recycled my new Topshop trousers from the night before (No-one I’d been out with the night before was out tonight and there was no photo evidence so it was almost as if I hadn’t worn them!).

I paired them with just a black top and some comfy black wedges. Hair did and make-up topped up, my boyfriend and I jumped in a taxi to meet my mum, dad, sister and her boyfriend at Chico Banditos in Shoreditch.


Tucked behind The Book Club on Luke Street, I’d never even heard of this place until I browsed TopTable for ideas for a quick birthday dinner.

I almost chose Casa Negra but with my mum and dad in tow it felt a bit to try hard trendy and after a previous birthday evening out at their sister restaurant La Bodega Negra I didn’t want to be anywhere remotely too cool for school.

I wanted somewhere really relaxed and simple but still serving my favourite cuisine. No fuss, no frills. Easy to book, cheap, cheerful and close to home.

We were booked in at 7pm and my boyfriend and I arrived first. We were warmly welcomed and promptly provided with two massive sombreros. I instantly knew I’d made the right choice. I forced my boyfriend into donning his hat and posing for a photo. As it was my birthday he begrudgingly agreed.


Soon after the rest of the party arrived and we ordered some nachos to share and a round of cocktails.

I know I should have been on the margaritas being in Mexico ‘n’ all but after the other weeks horrendous hangover I was eager to steer clear of tequila based drinks and ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri.

I love this drink/alcoholic slush puppy – you can down one after the other quite easily.




Following with the no fuss, no frills theme I stuck with ordering classic chicken fajitas. I love this dish mainly because you can have as much sour cream and cheese as you like.

In actual fact, I could probably have fajitas with just cheese & sour cream and no other fillings and still be happy – seriously I could!

My boyfriend ordered the same but he would happily swerve the sour cream & cheese and double up on the meat. What a LAD eh?

As for the rest of the table I think there were some quesadillas, perhaps some enchiladas and maybe even another round of nachos!

I was happily impressed with the food. I mean I don’t think you can go much wrong with fajitas and similarly with the enchilladas and burritos surrounding me on the table. It’s not gourmet but it’s good and I was absolutely eat it again.

Following dinner we ordered more cocktails before the waiters surprised me with a cake and sung happy birthday. It’s a bit cheesy but I sort of expect this from a restaurant if I’m there on my birthday. It’s nice to have a little frills and fuss.



I would definitely head back to Chico Banditos – It’s a relaxed and very fun atmosphere. The cocktails were great, the food was a great standard and the sombreros were a great novelty touch. Great, great, GREAT. My mum and in particular loved them…


Until my dad stole it for himself…




And decorated it with his Sunderland scarf…


The bill came to roughly £25 each which is great value for money I think, especially in London. After dinner we headed to the Hoxton Hotel – where a friend of mine was also celebrating her birthday – and drank until the wee hours of the morning.

Thanks for reading!

Harry x

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