Mr Buckleys and The Marksman Roast Dinner

My favourite part of Christmas are the days in between, those lost days where anything still goes. Chocolate for breakfast? sure! All day in your onesie? Why not! Don’t get me wrong, I love the day itself but there’s so much less pressure on those post boxing day pre new years eve days that allows you to really kick back and chill Winston!

By the 28th you’ve seen all the family your meant to. Played all the rounds of charades you can bare. Indulged your grandparents in a full life round up and if like me, grew up outside of London; are ready to escape the confines of the quiet Dorset countryside. There’s only so much fresh air a girl can stomach!

So once back in the big shmoke and it being a Sunday; my boyfriend and I decided to take a stroll down Hackney road to the Marksman pub in search of their instagood roast dinner. Having spied their Sunday spread over on Pro Greens twitter page we figured good enough for him, good enough for us! And it seems others agree as we had a half hour wait for the next available table!


No problem…we headed round the corner to Colombia Flower Market. I don’t know if any of you have been here? (And if you haven’t you definitely should make a trip! My first job was in a florists so this is one of my favourite places in London). Normally it’s a bit of a sardine shuffle in between the geraniums and the gerbras which can be a bit frustrating if you’re not the dawdling kind. This lost Sunday however we were up and down the road in a matter of minutes and the stalls were in much shorter supply than usual. Our walk up Colombia flower market over and done in 10 minutes and decidedly earlier than expected, we headed up to Hackney road again and decided to pop into Mr Buckley’s for a drink.



Originally I thought this place was just a cocktail bar so was surprised when we walked in, to see all the tables upstairs set up for brunch! The menu was very tempting too…I almost considered cancelling the roast dinner and diving into some old-fashioned eggs soldiers! We resisted though and I opted for Mr B’s Hot Chocolate which was a welcome relief to my freezing fingers and sore throat. What’s the saying, feed a cold, starve a fever and poor cognac and cocoa powder down a sore throat?



I loved the interior of Mr Buckley’s, the quirky neon lights in particular, and I reckon that the downstairs bit would be a great place to head for cocktails come Friday night! Plus they do crepes for brunch – and I do love a good crepe and the dinner menu isn’t too shabby either!

After Mr Buckley’s we made our way over to The Marksman more than ready for our roast dinners. We ordered almost immediately – two rounds of roast beef with all the trimmings – and were served almost as quickly. I have to say though, when our dinners arrived I was mildly disappointed. I don’t know if it was the plate shape or size but it didn’t look as hearty as I wanted it to – talk about picky customer (!) haha – the roast potatoes also looked a little dry…which they were but the meat, oh the meat and the yorkshires and the, oh my, cauliflower purée (who’d have thought?) were tasty as hell! It was a bit of a shame I was too full for any deserts as the Neal’s Yard cheese plate more than caught my eye – a stinking bishop, yeah baby!

I don’t know if any of you read my post about the Cat & Mutton? But I think they pipped the Marksman to the post food wise however cost and overall atmosphere? The Marksman hands down!



The Marksman is such a lovely old pub too – yes it may have had a refurb in recent years and sure it caters to it’s hipster locals now but it feels pokey and awkward not sleek and gastro like a lot of pubs nowadays. It’s still got it’s cockney charm. It even has a chandelier made of bottles – talk about recycling – and a old piano. It feels like a pub that’s been there for years. It’s relaxing and inviting, allowing you to while away the hours. Groups of friends pulling the mismatched chairs around wobbly tables. Pubs are a great bit of British culture and I hope it’s a bit that doesn’t die out any time soon.

Do you have any recommendations for a good Sunday lunch?

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