Fire Eater Shots

A couple of days ago I headed to a focus group with a friend. Focus groups are great! If you haven’t done one before they usually consist of free food, free drink, cash in hand and a bit of a chat about a something or other. This time the other was a new type of Whisky that’s soon to be on the drinks market.

Now I’ve done a few focus groups in the past…deodorant, nail varnish, ticket websites etc etc. But I’ve never really felt the want to share anything about the product which we were discussing.

Fire Eater though is a different matter.

I won’t bore you with too much of the details but after a two hour chat where they showed us a number of ad campaigns and asked our thoughts we were finally allowed to sample some of the good stuff.

Now with the name Fire Eater and the build up to the tasting we’d all been expecting a blow you tits off, smack you in the back of the throat, leave you gasping and gagging kind of a shot. However the sweetness of the cinnamon releases an ever so festive surprise and it’s actually really, really tasty.

It was so tasty, that we all went in for round two no questions asked and no that wasn’t just because it was free! I was a bit worried about trying it to begin with as I’m a complete wuss when it comes to hot sauces and the bottle reminded me a bit of one, plus the name fire eater conjured visions of Uncle Luke’s moonshine from Disney classic, The Rescuers (check Evinrude above!). So I was honestly pleasantly surprised with the actual taste. It may even be my new favourite spirit to shot and I never thought I’d be saying that about a Whisky. 

You could totally imagine sharing a bottle with family and friends over Christmas thanks to that sweet, sweet cinnamon flavour and, post focus group, that was exactly my plan but unfortunately it’s not on sale yet or not that I could find online (boo, hiss). I don’t know when it goes on sale but I’ll be keeping an eye out for the distinctive red and white striped bottle. Maybe check out the Early Times website for more information on when and where you can buy it?

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