Hen Do Does Sports Day

Earlier this year I had the honour of being bridesmaid for the first time to one of my best friends who happened to be marrying my other best friend. It was quite frankly the wedding of the year decade. Seriously Kate & Wills had nothing on these two love birds who, after hooking up over 10 years ago were finally making things official.

So I was delighted to be named one of the 6 – yes. S I X bridesmaids (see what I mean about Kate and Wills having nothing on this wedding). But with great power comes great responsibility and therein the hen do of all hen DOs needed to be planned.

Possibly 10,000 facebook messages between us and we decided on keeping it local to London. We also knew we wanted a super swish house to spend the weekend in and with the help of Air BnB found exactly what we were looking for in Kensington. But for the activity? Well for a while we were stumped and literally went round and round in circles deciding what to do. It’s so hard not to be cliche but we really wanted to stay away from dreamboys and a limo ride (penis straws included). Our mantra being we’re a hen do not a hen don’t.

And then facebook came to the rescue, well more accurately the Queen of Hoxton. I saw on their facebook page that they were having a no sweat sports day and when I realised the date was the same weekend as our planned hen do I thought the two were perfect together. I could just picture the bride to be’s face when we told her to pull on her best gym shorts and dust of that table tennis paddle. It would undoubtedly be hilarious.

And hilarious it was.

With 10 of us in total we divided in to two teams and printed up some sports day t-shirts. It was bride versus groom with half of us the Swans (Swannacks) and the other the Pikey’s (Pikes). Nothing like a bit of friendly competition and alcohol to get a party started. With Eye of the Tiger on full blast we limbered up and headed over from West London to East London ready to take home the trophy.

We were so lucky that the weather in London was absolutely glorious and the sun shone all day making the rooftop of the Queen of Hoxton the ideal setting. On arrival we made sure we were well fed and watered (wine and burgers) for all the ‘sports’ we were about to take part in.

As well as our two teams there were around 18 other groups taking part and everyone had gone to loads of effort which was great and definitely made us feel less of a clichรฉ hen do all out in fancy dress together. Wine finished and whistles blown we started downstairs in the bar with a tough match of paper, scissors, rock followed by fuseball and table tennis. With insults flying back and forth and competitive natures starting to show we were all in fits of laughter as the Pikeys took the lead.ย Then it back up onto the roof to compete in the stare out, beer pong and finally the limbo where Swans came out on top!

We had such a laugh playing along and everyone was in great spirits and although we didn’t win any of the ‘sports’ prizes we did win something – BEST DRESSED! And let’s face it…as 10 girls that was the only prize we really cared about winning.

It was a great day and the team aspect meant that everyone was involved plus it was really us 10 against the other 18 teams. The drink flowed, the games were fun and the bride has a brilliant time. I would strongly recommend this, hen do or not!

The whole day was run by the Social Athletic Club who are a bunch of people working to make events fun! Be them corporate training days, Christmas parties or birthday dos. They really do know how to show people a good time!

I know I’ll be looking forward to the 2014 No Sweat Sports Day – I mean we need to defend our title.


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