Sink the Pink

I’ve always been a firm fan of a big gay night out. So when my friend and part-time colleague James invited me to Sink the Pink, after firstly reassuring me that it wasn’t a euphemism, I said hell yes!

Normally held at The Bethnal Green Working Man’s Club – or BGWMC for those in the know – this particular Sink the Pink was in aid of their 5th birthday and therefore proceedings were to be held at East London fave XOYO instead. I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed not to be going to the working man’s – for starters it’s a 3 minute walk from my front door – but mainly because I’d heard so much about the upstairs shenanigans (also not a euphemism) of the BGWMC that I was worried I’d be missing out on the essence of a proper STP (I do like and abbreviation).

But after a quick dose of “How to stop worrying and start living!” – a book I got given at Secret Garden Party Festival…quite literally a whole other story – I charged onto the 55 bus with my gay bezzer for the night and looked forward to a raucous evening of campness.

Now, the last gay night I remember going to was more than a few years ago and I’d honestly forgotten how much fun they were. Uninhibited locales of shameless dancing, singing at the top of your lungs and classic pop. I’d gotten so used to a deep house beat and East London hipsters loud-mouthing about which items of clothing are too try hard, that no-one really knows what deep house is and threatening certain dance moves with death by hipster-mob that it was so, so, so refreshing to just go out and not give a damn.  Who cares what you’re wearing, who cares how you’re dancing and who cares that every other song is a Christina Aguilera, circa Moulin Rouge, style belter! Sink the Pink is absolutely the place for letting your freakin’ hair/weave down and dancing to the Pointer Sister like this one was the real deal, no marking.

And I loved it.

The whole feel of the night is just brilliantly exclusive but inclusive, you can’t help but love it. From the trannies to the fannies – boy, girl, women, man, gay, lesbian, homo, fomo, I don’t knowno – everyone is welcome. There are no up and down looks, no mooooody presence at the back, no cat fights (well not that I saw) no c*** fights and definitely not VIP area in site. We are all equal.

Although…some are more equal than others.

And those some are the stage show. All lycra and giant labia (costume that is!) these guys absolutely stole the night for me. I can’t even remember what numbers they did I just know that this glitter-clad bunch had me at lamé leotards. Every half an hour of so they’d take to the stage and perform to the delighted crowd –  even Leona Lewisham made an appearance. There was some serious voguing and general hilarity during every performance of the night. And it’s these performances that keep the party going – they amp everyone up into letting their wild side out – cue frenzied running to nab the best podium spots after each interlude.

Of course there was one Pièce de résistance in the form of Vula Malinga, who’s better known for being the voice on a few Basement Jaxx tracks. And Oh my gosh! She did not disappoint…belting out one of my favourite Basement Jaxx tunes her voice was show-stopping. As you can see in the brief video below…

I really cannot recommend Sink the Pink enough – I had an absolute ball and cannot wait to go again!

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