This Bright Field

One of the best thing about living in East London is the plethora of trendy restaurants that open on a weekly basis. I mean there’s nothing like being absolutely stuffed after dinner and knowing home is but a short waddle away, rather than an uncomfortable tube ride.

With this in mind I decided to take my very lucky boyfriend out for dinner last Friday somewhere just round the block from us.

After much scouring of Hot Dinners – my absolute go to website for new and interesting restaurants -It came down to a toss up between two of the new(ish) gaffs in town. Bistroteque or This Bright Field. Now taking into account that this was a treat for the feller – I put my boy brain in and listed up the pros and cons of each. This Bright Field eventually winning me over thanks to it’s laid back and casual feel (read that as, my man could rock up in his trackies if he wished) as opposed to Bistroteques slightly fancier French cuisine and famed cabaret.

I booked a table for two just after 7pm on a Friday night – however when we arrived it was clear that, at this time booking wasn’t really necessary as we joined two other diners in the restaurant. However by 8.30pm things had really picked up and almost every table was taken -a good sign no?

We decided to go for starters and a main and I ordered the Halloumi Salad to start whereas my date chose the Crispy Lamb Shoulder. Now I love, love, love halloumi and marinated in soy on a bed of beetroot &mushrooms made me love it all that much more. Across the table from me was an equally happy diner as I checked out a very clear plate. So much for sharing then.

For mains the man had Pork Belly and I was tricked into ordering Gnocchi by a certain steak envious guy. (He pulled out some sly mind trickery to ensure I didn’t order the steak in case it was better than his pork belly!). As per usual portions of gnocchi or ravioli, in London restaurants, when mine arrived I thought it looked on the small side but several bites in and I was getting that ‘I’m going to be rolled out of here’ feeling. The spinach and peas gave my sauceย soup (there wasย a lot of it) a wonderful green colour and the taste was delicious unlike the actual gnocchi itself which was a bit disappointing. Boyfriend’s pork belly on the other hand was absolutely delicious and I really enjoyed trying it…again and again. Yay for sharing!

I found This Bright Field to be a really relaxing and lovely place to have dinner – even if the floor to ceiling windows are a bit wasted with a view of Cambridge Heath Road. However the staff were helpful and attentive without being overbearing or interruptive. I reckon it will serve as a nice easy date place for me and my guy or perhaps somewhere to stroll for breakfast as they also do pancakes!!

(p.s. apologies for no pictures of above mentioned dishes – the boyfriend literally dies a little inside whenever I do things like this – and it was after all, a date for him).

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