Statement T-Shirt…

Last Thursday saw the opening of a brand-spanking new Primark store right opposite Tottenham Court road Tube Station.

And as I previously mentioned, that probably means I will be making more than a few last minute stop-ins en route home from work. Well, it would be rude not too!

After lusting over their cleverly put together Christmas Collection – I was optimistic about what I may find in the newly dubbed ‘posh-version’ of the store.

Even from the outside you can see that Primark have upped their game, the store looks modern and flagship-worthy. With huge floor to ceiling windows and an LED screen. The 4-storey shop is by far the most impressive I’ve seen.

High street giant: The four-storey unit, which is near Tottenham Court Road, covers 82,000 sq ft

Once inside I was pleasantly surprised with how much was catching my eye but in the same breathe how much prices have seemed to go up? Is it me or would you say Primark is now almost on a par with that of New Look or H&M…many of the jumpers I was picking up were around £8-£12, did they used to be cheaper or am I just getting old?

Anyway – so far so tidy, I know the shop had only been open a day but seeing the hoards of shoppers in their I was happy to see that not every item of clothing had been strewn on the floor!

A lap around each floor did however leave me with just a handful of items and those were mainly accessories and the classic socks and pants. I just couldn’t seem to decided if any of the fashion items I was picking up were a little too fast? Galaxy print dresses, sheer shirts, crosses printed t-shirts…I felt I’d seen it all before?

Saying that I did pick up a couple of statement necklaces that will look amazing over a plain t-shirt.

This one in particular has been worn several times already over a plain grey top.

I also have to admit to stealing borrowing this image from Laura over on Secret Diary of a Fashion Journalist – since losing my camera back in June and my phone at SW4 in August I am somewhat at a loss to take my own images…booo!

A steal at £6 (again a little pricier than I remember Primark being), it was exactly what I had been looking for after lusting over images of simple t-shirts and blinging statement necklaces…







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