Penis or No Penis I’m Still a Winner…

Oh my god am I in a good mood!

Today I have won not one but TWO prizes.

That’s just too good too be true right? Or, as I would like to think the first two of a trio…because good things happen in threes, right? And lucky for me it’s the Euromillions tomorrow!! Or is that bad things happen in three? Ah who cares I’m still a winner!

So what are the prizes??

Well the first, I barely even remembered entering the competition, but being a bit twitter tw, tw, twerp (sorry that’s the best word my brain could muster at this late hour 23.43 to be precise.) means I scour my tweetdeck feeds for competitions from my favorite and not always so favorite but still liked brands and enter like a muddafucker. You gotta be in it to win it folks! That’s how I got a room at the Hoxton Hotel for a Β£1 (post to come), that is how I won a bag a free beauty shiz from The Muse TV and that is how I won a new phone cover from my bashed up iPhone (dropped for the second time in a year, NOT forking out another Β£70 to get it fixed again).

Courtesy of gadget accessories brand Skinny Dip; they used the simple social media tool of asking followers to re-tweet their competition to win a ‘Wiggo’ phone case. I can’t say that the ‘Wiggo’ phone case was on my Christmas ‘Wish-List’ but I can say a freebies a freebie and you’ve gotta start somewhere with a winning streak.

Embedded image permalink

Now my re-tweet had happened nearly two weeks ago so when I got an @killofox from @skinnydip I had to take a minute to remind myself what I’d entered? However winging it’s way to me soon is the Wiggo phone case and I cannot wait to get wiggy with it and fool everyone into thinking I’m from That 70s Show with my bitchin’ sidies!

So far so good…it’s 11am and already I’ve won something.

Fast forward the rest of the day and I get in from work and see I’ve got a few emails on my phone. Scroll through and there’s one from Eastern Electrics – you know that the day festival where I found THIS BEAUTY.

Anyway – nothing out of the ordinary, they just want some feedback from the legions of fans whom attended their rave day in Greenwich at the beginning of August. They even go as far to point out their own mistakes and failings where loos and bar staff were concerned, bravo EE, bravo.

Then it gets interesting.

I see a picture.

It looks familiar.

Much like one I have on my phone.

Like one I took.


And above it. The immortal words.

EE0408 Instagram Competition Winner.



That’s right EE dudes, that is an EPIC picture and SHE really did capture the vibe of the day.

Yes I will point out the unfortunate fact the the guys at Eastern Electrics think I am with penis but that aside; penis or no penis, I am still a winner. again. twice. in one day. winner. winner. chicken dinner. no chicken dinner. but a phone case. and a robot money box. and tickets to EE NYE. and a copy of Amirali’s ‘In Time’ Cd. And Jamie Jones ‘Tracks from the Crypt.

as you can tell I’m pretty happy with my wins today.

Let’s hope this streak continues and you guys should get involved with some comps too! From twitter to facebook and instagram…all it takes is a like, a re-tweet or a #INEEDIT and you could have some prizes in the post in the click of a button.

And just for you guys – the original winning picture below…

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