I’m Going on a Bear Hunt…

I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!!

That’s right gang!

With what, with who I hear you cry – well just hang on a diggity dang second and I will tell you oh faithful reader…


I meant to share this immediately after I found it but it was discovered at a certain Electronic Music Festival in East London and it seems that whilst have a jolly good knees up the name of the brand fell right out of my head..and it’s only now that I’ve remembered not only the brand name for this bear hood but that I needed to share the shit out of it with you guys!

Well let’s start at the beginning. Rolling/stumbling/prancing through Area 12 in Greenwich I was all at once halted in my tracks as out of no-where I spied a bear! The natural thing to do in the situation was bowl over and demand a wear for an instagreat picture – which of course was exactly what I did before exclaiming oh so loudly and full of love..


And then I forgot the name.

All I could remember were the words Nottingham, Two Girls and something beginning with the Letter M.

So I though, fuck it, google knows everything.

But that didn’t work…so I scratched my non-bear hooded head and tried again…


First hit on Nottingham Animal Hats was Merrimaking – I told ya it began with an M…don’t you just love it when that happens?

So clickidy click I had found my beloved bear nay animal hats; because, fellow fur headed lover you can not only have a bear hood you can have a wolf,Β an arctic fox or a city fox, a tiger, a husky, an owl, a ferret, a sewer rat…….psych! You can’t really have a sewer rat; well at least not at the moment but if that is what your heart desired it could be possible because these accommodating gal pals over at Merrimaking do requests!!

Now, I know some of you may be rolling your eyes and saying “yaaah heard it all before” where bear hats are concerned and well, you’d be kinda right. Back when I did my Top 5 Friday – that feature that’s been on vacay for a few months – I championed Spirit Hoods – which are pretty similar if not the same concept as the Merrimaking Animal Hoods but at nearly two hundredah dollllllaaahaaas they are pretty pricey even if you are helping saving the rain forest one hood at a time whereas Merrimaking hoods are each made to order and for as little as 25 English pounds! And on top of that not only do you get your uber cool animal hood but also you get to choose the lining inside and whether you get a chat up line, a pun or a fact of fiction on your delivery note – pretty reasonable for let’s face it a festival load of fun AND also a practical purchase, just think how toasty your noggin would be?

Among animal hoods the girls also make Thinking Caps, Super Visors (oh they’re so clever!) and…oh my shit…FANNY PACKS! Shaped as fruit would you Adam and Eve it!Β 

Oh we have found a winner – ding, ding, ding!

And what’s more is that the ladies behind Merrimaking (One call Harri, buuurrrrilliant name and one called Meg) started stitching as a means to fund some fun Β – probably the most honest and best mission statement I’ve heard in a while, so Amen to that sisters…I’d like a pun on my delivery note!

The girls have already been at Secret Garden Party & Wilderness Festival selling to the masses and possibly Bestival is next on the agenda?

Either way I need to get my act together and decide which hood I want – I’m thinking Husky or Tree Kangaroo, what do you reckon?

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