Getting Beautiful with Inner Me

For the last two weeks, twice daily I have been on a path to a more beautiful me.

I know, I know, I hear your cries and…aww shucks, I’m flattered, really! but even the most gorgeous among us could use a little help sometimes.

I don’t remember where exactly I first read about the products from Inner Me but my initial thoughts were a bit skeptical. I mean a range of vitamin pills testifying to make you more beautiful? Surely just a whole a load of psychological baloney? Or could they really make a difference?

Well with my haystack hair, cracked nails and less than glowing skin I figured I had nothing to lose…except around £15, which I probably do every few weeks any way (I am hideously bad at misplacing money) so I may as well spend it some pretty packaging.

However – it turns out Inner Me is a lot more than pretty packaging.

Inner Me is a UK manufactured product that came to fruition when founder, Nikki Cooper was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis aged only 28. As a result she started to take better care of herself and did everything she could to help battle the symptoms and counteract the MS. This in turn meant popping a whole host of vitamin pills on a daily basis. Something not even the most hardened ecstasy lovers would want to do.

So Nikki contacted a number of pharmacists and chemists and worked alongside them for over two years in order to combine a number of the vitamins she needed into one supplement and this soon snowballed into 9. Et voila Inner Me was born.

So hitting the Inner Me website I decided to go for the all over package hair, skin and nails. Parts of my were still hugely skeptical but after the last 10 years partying like the sun would never rise and a twice-monthly reoccurring  bout of glandular fever I figured it was time to start being better to my body and after reading a few reviews I purchased two weeks worth of the pills called Beautify Me at a cost of £15 for 28 capsules; boasting Vitamin C, MSM, Silica & Marine Collagen, all to give me lovely locks, enviable nails and stunning skin.

My package arrived a few days later and was of course beautifully packaged in pink tissue paper and ribbon – the ultimate girls girl treat. The capsules themselves were divided into two weeks and I was to take 2 a day with or after a meal.

I finished my last dose yesterday and the results? Well, see for yourself…


Only kidding – that’s a Victoria Secrets model. But on a serious note I have felt a little more glowy! My nails have definitely been stronger, my skin does feel clearer, my hair? Well it’s hard to tell as it’s been treated pretty badly previously but I’ve definitely been partying as hard as always and I do think I can see a difference. I even asked a few people too,(sister and boyfriend you know, best to get a non-bias opinion) and they both said I looked great!

I wouldn’t say I’m totally converted to the idea that vitamin supplements are the way forward. I think when it comes to health and beauty you won’t ever find a miracle pill that solves everything, but alongside a good regime, cleansing, toning, moisturising, drinking lots of water and exercising regularly these pills will heighten all that good work.

Plus the packaging is so gorgeously girly it’s hard to resist and I love the back story to how these were created and that they’re done so in the UK…so much nicer than L’Oreal getting Chezza to swish her hair around and tell us those adorable dimples came for two tiny tablets eh!

Other than Beautify Me you can also choose from Super Strength Omega 3 for brain, skin & circulation, Luscious Locks for healthy hair, Vitamin 19 for Burly Bones and coming soon are further supplements for everything from libido to pregnancy. You can purchase yours if you so wish from the Inner Me website or from Love Lula and from August they will stocked at Selfridges & Harvey Nicks and from October Boots.

And from October you will also be able to subscribe to a membership to get your supplements shipped to your door monthly.

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