Climbing the O2

Up at The O2 Banner

The Yes Woman strikes again!

So after a wonderful evening watching Paloma Faith at Somerset House I realised being a yes-woman was by no means a bad thing.

Therefore when asked if I fancied throwing on a harness and a highly unflattering jumpsuit to leg it over the O2 of course my first response was Yehaaaaa! Or rather yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

Amazingly my friend had managed to book the climb on what was a unexpectedly, gloriously sunny day in what has been a rather washed out summer. At 6.30pm we arrived at the O2 and were heavily frisked by some cute army boys (god bless London 2012 and the Olympics!) before making our way over to the climbing centre to then sweating it out in a room that could only be described as a furnace to watch the training video; ready for our expedition over the top of the O2.

For those of you unaware when I say over the top of the O2 I mean exactly that! We were climbing up one side of the once millennium dome, snapping a few pictures on the roof and then bounding down to a conquerors reward – in the form of a slap up meal at GBK (not included in the price of the ticket).

So once in our decidedly smelly climbing suits having all stepped correctly into the harnesses (there’s always one that gets it wrong) – our guide for the climb demonstrated how we would hook onto the climbing wire to begin out assent.

In single file we attached ourselves onto the steel barrier and slowly started to climb – some more so than others – nb: if u suck at the demo don’t go first, the girl in front of me nearly ended up descending much earlier that she was meant to when I had to show her for the 8th time how to move smoothly upwards and she still managed to fuck it up.

As we neared the top the wind had really started to pick up and the sun beginning to set and it really did feel like you were accomplishing something – especially as the initial part of the climb is much steeper then first anticipated. It was fun! Once at the top and on the viewing platform you could really take in how errrr beautiful east London is – or not.

Of course a view is a view and it was nice to be up so high when the sun was setting lover London but once you’ve looked at Canary Wharf, squinted at the Shard in the distance and seen the cable car to the excel centre, oh and the amazing salt or sugar factory (I can’t remember which it actually was) there really aren’t a lot of monuments to be seen just a lot of rolling urban landscape.

However I really did enjoy it – it was great to be doing something different, I mean it’s pretty rare that I scale anything of an evening let alone a building 50 meters high and we did learn some fun facts about the O2 – did you know it can house 18,000 double decker buses?! Who said learning couldn’t be fun eh!

But, no, it really was lovely with the good weather allowing us to have a truly beautiful sunset it was an expedition worth doing. I can’t imagine what it’s like in wind and rain (they climb in all weathers) but our guide said it really wasnt that bad (?) hmmmmm!

Up at the O2 is a year round attraction and tickets start at Β£22 and climbs are every 20minutes. From June to September you can climb between 10.00am-8.00pm and from October to May from 12.00pm-6.00pm.

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