Susan Caplan collaborates with ASOS…

Who, What, When, How?


susan caplan head shot

Now I’m always a fan of collaborations from high street to designer when the big guns collide it pretty much a win, win situation all round and this one deems to be no different.

But much like some of you reading this post I was pretty unaware of who or rather what Susan Caplan was until a bit of further investigation.

With the likes of Jessie J, Lana Del Ray, Nicola Roberts and Cara Delevigne wearing her finds, Susan Caplan has grown a company and brand out of three simple words.

‘I love it.’

Uttered whenever she sourced a new piece of vintage jewellery her brand Susan Caplan Vintage Collection is now based purely on this statement. And boy oh boy does that statement still apply.

Image 4 of Susan Caplan Vintage Chanel '80s Heart Necklace

Her to-die-for Chanel heart necklace or statment Alexis Kirk collar are pieces of jewellery that you just love. But with price tags in the region of £200 to £900 per piece they are somewhat expensive especially when I think a £40 Freedom by Topshop necklace is money not so well spent (that money could be spent on a whole new outfit – we’re in a recession people!!).

So this collaboration with ASOS means that Susan Caplan Vintage inspired pieces are a helluva lot more affordable.

Image 1 of Susan Caplan Exclusive For ASOS Vintage 90s Modernist Pendant

I really like this Vintage 90s Modernist Pendant and at a mere £13 that’s a steal!

Also loving this Vintage Puff-Shaped Heart Pendant for only £9!

Image 1 of Susan Caplan Exclusive For ASOS Vintage Puff Heart Pendant

And not to mention the Panther Clip Earrings – although these probably aren’t very suited to me as I never  hardly ever wear earrings?

Image 1 of Susan Caplan Exclusive For ASOS Vintage 90s Panther Clip Earrings

I am still am more taken by the Chanel necklace but until I win the Euromillions I’ll take these kind of collaborations and costs!

I personally would style much of the jewellery like Jessie J – although maybe not as extreme, catsuits are hard to pull off – or Nicola Roberts. I love the modern twist with the vintage pieces, my favourites being the bigger, chunkier, gold, gold and more gold pieces!

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