Customising Crazy…

My Name is Harriet and I am addicted to DIY Blog Posts.

Yes. It’s true. I admit it.

I pour over craft and DIY sites, can’t get enough of Etsy and vow constantly that I will sew/stick/sequin that top/trainer/tshirt as soon as get off the fricken internet and stop looking at DIY posts.

It’s only rock n’ roll but, P.S.- I like it! We’ve said it before and we’ll sing it again, nothing goes together like music & fashion. The glam rock movement emerged in the 60s with artists like Gary Glitter and David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust defining an era, and inciting designers and fashionistas to make bold statements with exaggerated make up, androgynously edgy styles and gems, stones and jewels stacked for miles. Nobody blings it on better than the indisputable rock god of couture Karl Lagerfeld…who infuses head to toe concert chic in his creations for Chanel, Fendi and his own eponymous lines. We took to the stage, with Who What Wear, to  turn a simple shoulder bag into an embellished instrument of DIY style!To create:  Re-purpose a bag with a removable strap.  Use caribiners to secure a guitar strap onto the bag by clipping where the original strap was secured.  Gather various pearls, gemstones, studs, crystals and rhinestones and lay out  to cover the front of the guitar strap.  Once you are happy with placement begin to stud and glue each in place. P.S.- use tweezers to help you place each embellishment as you glue.  Allow to try before you wear!  

From Honestly WTF to I Spy DIY, A Beautiful Mess and PS I Made This I spend hours looking at how talented and imaginative people customise things, make things and bake things and I literally turn green with envy knowing that even if I did give it my all it would never turn out how I wanted it too and I would almost certainly end up gluing my hands together.

But despite all this I did give it a bash.

After finding not one but two amazingly stocked haberdasheries oh but a stones throw away from my office one lunch time I decided to bite the bullet and actually have a go at some customisation. I got my inspiration from a post on Honestly WTF where they had blinged up some Vans.

honestly wtf

After purchasing a metres worth of gold studs for £10 –  I could cut and stick to my hearts content – I grabbed my battered old Converse and got gluing.

Weirdly the haberdash I bought the studs from didn’t really sell fabric glue…well only these little pots of it that they had clearly de-canted themselves. No bother I thought and bought one, ready to get crafty. Now if you’re looking to track this shop down I can tell you it’s called New Trimmings on Noel Street in Soho and opposite another haberdashery shop called Kleins that sells fabric paint if you’re on for a bit of DIY tye-dying.

So at home with my Converse and the studs I started cutting them out in rectangle shapes with a standard pair of kitchen scissors to cover the back and sides of my trainers. I used a cotton bud to dip into the pot of glue and smear onto the back of the studs before firmly pressing them onto the heel. After I had done all this with relative ease I look for something else I could add some sparkle too and decided that my Liberty Nike Blazers could also use a lick of gold.

You can see my results below – left overnight the glue had dried pretty well but one wear to a festival (idiot) left my Converse au natural with nearly all of the studs coming unstuck. Boo! However the Nikes are still catching the light with their line of gold studs down the back. Hurrah!

Definitely not dis-heartened I will give this another go albeit with some stronger fabric glue or perhaps a quick video tutorial of how to use the screw in studs?

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