Love Brunch X Culprit Sessions…

Even though Love Brunch parties have been running for a good few years now, I only sampled my first taste of this daytime event back in May of this year. And so good was my afternoon hanging out in Kensington Rooftop Gardens that when we needed a plan for a friend’s birthday I couldn’t have suggested it quicker.


What excited me more is this time Love Brunch would be teaming up with Culprit Sessions who are infamous in LA for their rooftop parties with the likes of Snoop Dogg and DJ of the moment Lee Foss.

What could be better?

Oh yeah…Wildkats were on the bill.

Having come across these guys at several You Are We parties and relentlessly listening to Perpetrating on repeat- I guess you could call me a kind of groupie…without the throwing knickers part…well not yet anyway!

Stu from the WildKats laying down some tunes!

But back to the event itself…

Love Brunch is set in the stunning surroundings of Kensington Rooftop Gardens and if, like us, you’re lucky enough to have the sun shine down on you for the afternoon; it truly is one of the best locations in London. Not a club, not a warehouse, not an abandoned carpark the roof gardens are picturesque and perfect for an afternoon sipping cool G&Ts and listening to even cooler beats.

What’s really nice is the simple fact that it is a DAY PARTY which can be quite a rare thing in London – of course there are day events (Fuse, Bunga Bunga, Le Brunch) but most are sort of the-morning-after-the-night-before kind of event or the venues are less than desirable, but Love Brunch is a much classier (or so it seems) affair. I got used to brunching in Dubai, as every Friday hotels up and down Sheik Zayed Road host afternoon brunches where the Brits proceed to get bladdered and then have sex on the beach and end up on the front page of The Sun. And Love Brunch really is the only event that I’ve come across in London that mirrors the kind of atmosphere that you get at Dubai brunches…minus a lot of the ex-pat arseholes and sex-on-beach front pagers (notice I said a lot and not all)

At Β£20 + booking fee for tickets I don’t think that’s a particularly over the top price for what is an amazing line-up an ideal setting for friends Tickets are on sale now for the next event which is on August 11th and this will be another Culprit Sessions collaboration.

In addition to your entry ticket you can also book a table for your group which for us was a great idea. Perfectly positioned in the Tudor Gardens with Vita, our very own, extremely helpful waitress (who I must say had one of the most perfect butts I’ve ever seen..shown off in skin-tight leggings no-less!) meant that the wine always flowed and beer bucket was never empty. However do keep an eye on your bill or nominate one person too – unless you’re made of money – as ours quickly spiralled out of control!

Head down early (everything kicks off just after 12.00pm) to nab one of the Love Brunch trucker caps and oversized glasses (as modelled by my sister below) and do also try and sample the BBQ – eating isn’t always cheating even at Β£10 a burger! And who know’s you may even spy model of the mo Cara Delevigne there…

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