Wandering Minds…

My blog posts have been quite heavily fashion related recently and for that Daddy dear (the only person I can be sure reads or at least skims everyone of my posts that is lovingly deposited into his email inbox), I apologise.

Although saying that I do remember him saying he did thoroughly enjoy Show Me Your Fanny Pack so perhaps he does enjoy the odd foray into fashion and it’s fickle, fickle manner.

But onwards and upwards.

I came across Wandering Minds whilst at work, I was researching companies that perhaps wanted to hire some of our fresh-to-death models for lookbook shoots and I was lucky enough to weed out this little beauty of a website.

I’m mean don’t you just hate it when you turn up to a party/pub/day out shopping/tescos and someone else has on the same rooting tooting dress as you? And you’re all like ‘ahhhh man, do we have to acknowledge that I’m not as original as I thought when I purchased that ‘so me’ outfit for today as someone else thought it was ‘so them’. Well Wandering Minds could be your answer to that problem.

Sourcing items from Indie Designers and Boutiques from around the world, that you’ve never been to  and some that you’ve never even heard, Wandering Minds can help ensure that you stay ahead of the crowd by always wearing something unique.

And to top it all off  when asked exactly where that gorgeous maxi-skirt came from you always get to smugly reply…

Rome…or LA…or Tokyo…or aka – you can’t buy it.

So far I love the laid back collections and edgy lookbooks. Admittedly at present there aren’t pages and pages of stuff to choose from but hey sometimes there is a thing as too much (ASOS!!!…page 2 of 45843209842…lunch breaks just aren’t long enough)

I intend to keep checking back to see them slowly expand their collections and in the meantime I’m getting my mits on that faux, leather, button-down skirt…that is after I’ve paid my rent which has gone up this month…and bought my sister a birthday present…and paid for yet another ticket to another day festival (when did enjoying yourself have to be such a ticketed an pre-planned things?)

Oh and how adorably Wednesday Adams is the dress below??!!!

4 thoughts on “Wandering Minds…

  1. elisa says:

    Hi! Thanks for the great write-up about our store and the very useful feedback! We’re really happy you like our stuff, and yes we are slowly expanding the collection, in fact we’ll be receiving two new collections from new designers this month, so come check us out again soon. Also, great writing skills, the ‘aka you can’t buy it’ phrase was very, very funny!

    Elisa (Wandering Minds founder)

  2. Daddy Dear says:

    I have yet to arrive anywhere and find anybody wearin the same outfit as me. It’s all about being totally original babe…..

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