Ebay Oh Yay…

I finally get it. Nearly 10 year after the website first launched I finally understand the madness of Ebay.

The searching, the watching, the late night bidding. It’s addictive.

McQueen jackets for £82.30 – a bidding war until the last minute. Finding the high street bargain, Topshop dresses for £9.59 including postage. And those ‘designer’ sunglasses you never thought you’d own…or that sequin bralet that you had created in your head found for a snippet of the price you thought you’d have to pay.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s taken a while…almost 10 years. And there are some rules to follow, some steps to take to ensure you find what you’re looking for and don’t get ripped off.


1. Know what you’re looking for…

I recently searched for ages for a pair of Chanel Sunglasses, however I didn’t really mind if they were the real deal seeing as I break sunglasses like I lose cameras (that’s a lot for those who don’t know me – the one I got for my birthday in February? Gone.) But you can’t knowingly sell fake designer items on Ebay so you have to make sure your search terms are correct. 

i.e. Designer, Oversized, Half-Tinted Sunglasses.

2. Know the RRP price…

For me Ebay is all about bagging a bargain. It takes time to sift through all the stuff on there so it needs to be worthwhile. If it wasn’t you may as well just head to the shops and buy the item off the shelves. So when searching, Topshop, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel. Make sure your bid doesn’t exceed what it is in the shops.

The only time this is OK is when the item is sold out and you could possibly sell it for more in the future. For example H&M for Versace…but it at a slightly inflated price (if you can find it!) and then sell on in the future at a much higher price when it’s vintage!

3. Buy through PayPal…

 It’s simple. Paypal protects your purchases. Sign up and as a seller ensure you accept payments this way too.

4. Save Sellers and Read Reviews…

I always feel the more I read about a seller the more likely I am to buy from them. For instance I feel like if they’re in the UK, have several items to sell either as a shop or state they’re ‘having a clear-out’ they feel more trustworthy too me.

Of course reviews help too…if the have bad feedback then avoid buying from them especially expensive items. It’s OK if it’s a couple of quid on a top but a few hundred on an item you really want? Not worth it.

5. Not sure about Sizing? Accessories…

It’s hard enough knowing my size on the high street…I’m a try before you buy kind of girl. A size 8 in H&M, a 10 in Topshop and 6 in Zara (ha-ha dream on!) anyway as a result I’m very skeptical about buying clothing from Ebay. Not saying I don’t but I’d say the majority of my purchases are Accessories. Shoes will often always fit, Handbags can never be too tight and necklaces won’t pinch in the wrong places.

And if you can’t find it on Ebay have a look at Etsy…the Arts and Crafts version of the buying and selling website.

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