Roman Road Market…

Yesterday I had such a lovely time strolling down Roman Road Market in East London. Despite having practically lived in Bethnal Green for the last 2 years I had somehow never made it over there but staying at a friend’s in Hackney Wick meant that I willingly followed where she went and that Saturday morning she happened to be heading to Roman Road Market.


A 5 minute stroll/limp (the blazer’s are still being broken in) and I had already parted with the minimal cash I had because who can resist a tiger print vest?


Heading further into the market I couldn’t help but stop and look at all the stalls. From Jewellery to clothing to make-up and sweets there were so many bargains (don’t get me wrong there is still A LOT of crap) to be had and unlike many other London markets (Spitalfields, Brick Lane, Portabello, Colombia) it was in-undated with tourists and slow walkers. So you had the time and space to search for hidden gems.

What’s more is there was more than a number of items straight off the pages of ASOS. I know I shouldn’t really be championing this but that’s my one bug-bear about the on-line shopping website; you have no idea of the material, the fit and how it actually will look until it arrives. So this was like a revelation.

It was also truly gutting when I found just ONE PAIR of amazing Ash wedge trainers in a bloody size 3!!!! I mean come on – you size three-ers get all the luck. They also had some super cute (awww yeah I did just say super cute) coloured, denim shorts like THESE that were £15 for two pairs…B.A.R.G.A.I.N.

Alas I didn’t buy the shorts, instead I purchased an brand new L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara – which is factually the best mascara know to woman-kind – for a FIVER. And I got 2 necklaces for the summer, a gorgeous long gold chain with a green gem and a gold leaf on a black string.


So all in all a  very successful market day.

The easiest way to get to Roman Road Market is to head to Bethnal Green station and then head on the number 8 bus to Bow Church.

On the way home I took a walk past Victoria Park pond which is a really tranquil spot and then popped into Bagel on the Park to pick up a couple of THE BEST chicken mayo and crispy bacon bagels EVER.

victoria-park-lake bagels-on-the-park-shop

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