Libery Print x Nike Blazers x Present…

In the husky tones of the long haired dude from Nickleback:

‘It’s been a while’

And for that – avid reader – I do apologise.

First came the rain and with that a depression so severe I thought I would never gleefully kick up my heels again. Then came the sun – so blindingly warm and skin-reddening that I actually remembered there was life outside of the 4 walls and it involved a lot of park sunbathing, cider drinking, and stuff to be done in the open air of London…far, far away from a laptop/internet source/power socket.

THEN the fickle British Summer showed us just how freaking fickle it could be with a wild and wet display of every type of weather the met office can name including a few I made up.

Holy shit – I’ve actually just been blogging about THE WEATHER. Maybe this is the reason I have been so absent from the blogsphere?!

Moving on.

So what lured me out of my blogging coma. Well I shall tell you…


A pair of Spring/Summer 2012 Liberty print Nike Blazers.

A present from my wonderful boyfriend because I am such a ‘wonderful girlfriend’

Ya heard it here first folks!

I don’t know why but receiving these has pulled me out of my slumber because I just felt the urge to share – hell boast about my beautiful new Nikes. Having gone in to Liberty’s at least twice a week since the new 2012 Nikes were released in April, to peruse the collection and ponder whether a pair of trainers were really the best thing to put my Christmas gift voucher towards or whether that Alexander McQueen scarf I always try on was a better investment I, smugly, no longer have that decision to make

And thus our answer:

Libery Print x Nike Blazers x Unexpected Present = A BETTER DISTRIBUTION OF CHRISTMAS GIFT VOUCHERS

Thankyou boyfriend – not only for the present but for reminding me to share more via the medium of blogging

I am sure that was your intention from the start, right?

And with that guys – she’s back!

NB: Alas the trainers weren’t in my correct flat shoe size (duhhh boyfriend girls buy heels in one size and flats (i.e. trainers) in another) – so tomorrow we will be exchanging them for the right size and then I may even show you what they look like, who knows, I may even become…du du duuuuuuu – AN OUTFIT BLOGGER!

No sorry I don’t think that will happen – I haven’t the time, nor the wardrobe, nor the patience, nor a nice friend to take pictures of me in my hideously simple and not particularly fashionable get up.

P.S – I promise my next post will be less text more pictures because lets face it – we are a world of skimmers and pictures make this so much easier.

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