Sunday Roast at the Cat & Mutton…

Last Sunday after a full weekend of work (boooo) I decided to show my sister the sights of East London.

After a stroll through Spitalfield’s Market and up Brick Lane where we sampled the sights, sounds and smells – including a ridiculously hot mozzarella, tomato and bazil wrap and a couple of macaroons which were half the price of those in La Duree but just as delicious – we walked over to Broadway Market, at my suggestion, to enjoy a good old fashioned Sunday Roast Dinner.



The Cat & Mutton was my first choice after having enjoyed a lovely dinner there with the man many months before. I say lovely, the food was, the atmosphere however was nothing other than pretentious. The staff seem to have a serious attitude…completely un-helpful and well, kind of rude.

And the same could be said for this second visit.

As we walked in to the crowded and quite noisy pub we couldn’t spot a free table and therefore headed straight to the bar to speak to the staff and see if there was a waiting list in order. After being ignored for 10 minutes I interrupted the staff to ask if we should just take a seat to which I was told ‘Yeah if you can find one’. 

I know, I know…it’s the sensible answer but with the level of attitude in which it was delivered I felt as though I had just asked the most ridiculous question of all time. 



So, we headed upstairs to see if we could ‘find’ ourselves a seat for dinner. One floor up we found each table taken. We waited at the bar as we saw a large group paying up and putting on their coats. The barman didn’t ask us if we wanted a drink or even attempt to serve us. People need Juice dude! Get over here and get me a G&T!! 

When we did sit down we were able to order pretty quickly but were served with the same amount of disdain from the waiter after I asked whether we should order at the bar or not, ‘No, I can take you’re order’ was his petulant response. 

Once we had ordered we could then relax and enjoy ourselves with a glass of red. Our meals came relatively quickly or rather just before you begin to wonder how long ago you ordered. I opted for the Roast Beef whilst sister had the Roast Chicken with Tarragon Bread Sauce. Amaze.

My only moan, food-wise, would be perhaps my beef was little on the fatty side – meaning my cutlery was no match for dissecting it. The rest of the meal was as good as the first time and almost like a nice reward for dealing with the frosty reception from the staff.

I would go back but be under no illusion about the service. I guess the old waitress in me expects a smile and the extra mile especially when parting with 18 spondoolies for beef and yorkshires. But I guess when you’re location is in one of the trendiest part of East London and your food is that good there’s no need for niceties – get in, get out and find yourself a seat.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Roast at the Cat & Mutton…

  1. dressingfordinner says:

    I absolutely love the Cat and Mutton, it’s one of my locals so I do go there quite often, but you’re right, the people working there are a tad snotty and too cool for school (or rather, they think they are). Try the Pub on the Park next time: the staff are much nicer there, and they have a huge outside sitting area overlooking London Fields, which, considering the current weather, is really what you want! And you’ve probably already been there, but The Spurstowe Arms is also awesome for roasts 😉

    I love East London!

    • haveyouheardthelatest says:

      Oh thanks for the comment – I haven’t been there but it sounds lovely! I do really like the Cat & Mutton but always get a bit of a frosty vibe from the staff which is a shame?! Will definitely try and get out on that terrace with a couple ciders though!

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