Birthday Things…


This isn’t a picture from my forgotten childhood, although if the in-joke in my family is to be believed it could well have been, but anyway with the broken laptop and an actual life to be living I totally missed out on sharing my birthday wish list with y’all. So instead I will share my actual birthday gifts which turns out are ummmm…my birthday wish list even if I didn’t know it!

Apparently this is a men’s Michael Khors but that doesn’t matter at all because I love it and FINALLY it’s MINE!! I did have to get FIVE links taken out though.

And Celebrating said birthday below wearing new coat which is from Zara.

A touch of Spring in the form of this lovely coral purse..

I got a camera too, from my man,despite the storiesΒ (nb: the plural there) I told him about my previous 6 cameras and the sad demise of them all (stolen, broken, broken, lost, broken, lost)

I did manage to lose the camera case the first night I took this baby out but a month and clickidy click – cameras still in good nick!

Also got some make-up which I intend to review at some point -yeah I am on that beauty shiz!

And one of the best presents of all…

Home-made Chocolate Orange Cupcakes from my Mama!

She used the Hummingbird Bakery recipe book which my Sister and I bought her as a present from Christmas – thinking ahead ayyyye!

Β So far 24 is a damn sight better than 23 – no glandular fever for that matter although THISΒ was pretty spesh.

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