Kinda Sneakers Up on You…

What a difference a year make – 365 little days.

If you were with me at the beginning (and I thank-you if you were) you may remember a little post I did about ‘loving my heels’ and proudly admitting to not having bought a pair of trainers since 2002 when I thought DCs were in.

That post however, was a turning point.

From the Floral Liberty Print that adorned those fresh to death kicks my eyes had been opened.

More recently too, you may also remember, I lovingly expressed my unabashed desire to get my hands on a pair of Isabella Marant’s wedge trainers or failing that at least those high street copycat ones from Topshop. These were still on the heeled side of flat though.

and then it happened.

Bang – I feel in love with a pair of trainers.


Sequin Converse high-tops.

What more could a gal ask for?

I’ll tell you what – for them to be in fucking stock in a size that someone other than children can wear sorry to all the size 3s out there, I’m just bitter.

Heartbroken for the first time thanks to Converse and Liberty’s of London I took myself on a magical trainer search through the pages of the web and the streets of Camden and here were some of my favourite finds;

large product image

Giuseppe Zanotti – £525

large product image

Lanvin – £430

large product image

Converse – Jack Purcell Helen Sneakers – £70

Nike Blazer Mid Premium Women's Shoe

Nike Blazer Mid – £67

Zoom imageVans Authentic Washed – £49.99

Zoom image

Nike Blaze Mid – £64.99

Aaaaaand Finally –

The ones I purchased

Nike Dunk High Women's Shoe

Nike Dunk HIIIIIIIIIGH – don’t you just love??

And it’s not just me having a sneaker moment – Celebs too are in on the laid-back comfort that only a trainer can bring…


3 thoughts on “Kinda Sneakers Up on You…

  1. Laura says:

    Wow.. I can’t express how much I love those sequined Converse. Are they still available or back in stock yet? I had a look online but I can’t seem to find them? 😦

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