Valentines – A Cold Curry & A Gypsy Wedding…

all u need is …

So do you guys remember last year? Well, this year Valentine’s was a bit of a mess – and not in the normal, moany;

“I hate valentines because i’m either single or just going for the standard it’s a crappy hallmark holiday created to dupe idiots in love into thinking they’re being romantic”


Apparently – first, the flowers were cancelled by the florist? A great get excuse or a genuine nightmare. Then the would be romantic meal that was a surprise for the day before – because having a romantic meal on valentine’s day wouldn’t be a surprise, would it? – didn’t happen because I went out to a boat party with Doorly and got pissed on awful pre-mixed shots & Gin on the Thames.

So we gave in to the idea of romance and stuck with ordering a good old fashioned Indian take-a-way only to be told two hours later that they had ‘had to hold their hands up’ as they had ‘totally lost control’ and ‘ruined countless valentines days’. Well at least he was honest!

Hungry and with only My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding for company I decided that Valentine’s day was r.u.b.b.i.s.h.

Ahh – it wasn’t all that bad. There was still a home-made card (brownie points), complete with drawing of me and him (!) and a charm for my Pandora and, most importantly, his amazing company for the evening.

Next year, however, I might take the day off work – steer clear of social networking sites and ensure I have some super noodles in the cupboard in case of emergencies.

I do think the boy did alright in comparison though. A meat feast a couple of days before – meaning tables galore, no sickly sweet couples and no ‘valentine specials’ on the menu – at the portion friendly Bodeans.

He also got into Beckham’s boxers – the ones from H&M!!!!Β 

And I know how much he loves a plateful of pasta and of course, boobs. So what better than…Β 


Pasta Boobs

So all was not lost! And I love you guys too…yeah that’s right, every single one of you that has read, reads and is reading my blog!



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