Top 5 Friday…

In the immortal words of MJ

‘It’s back, it’s back…it’s really, really back!’

Alright so I put my own spin on it, BUT.

Here’s to the freakin’ weekend and the first Top 5 Friday of 2012

1. Style Herione

Whilst searching for images of Isabel Marant and her effortlessly beautiful collections for an earlier blog post I came across Evangelie; a Greek goddess in the fashion stakes and a fellow Piscean after my own heart. Her blog is a showcase for her beautiful style and wardrobe. Yes, she has the Isabel Marant shoe bootie/trainers I want. Yes, she has just done a post about going tightless, IN JANUARY – I’d hate those opaque, nylon, man-repellers too if my legs were tanned AND slim! AND Yes, she is, of coure, my current Style Heroine.

2. Lionel & Lilly

What started as a scarf brand and has expanded into bracelets too, Lionel and Lilly is the brainchild of London School of Fashion graduate Alice Stone. Named after her Grandparents, Grandmother Lilly was a seamstress and Grandfather Lionel worked in clothing production for John Lewis, the designs have been featured in Vogue, Elle and have been seen comforting the necks of several a-listers including Edie Campbell, Elle MacPherson and our very own Chezza.

Beautiful scarves with a beautiful history.


From SΓ£o Paulo, Brazil…Rhamm and Hellix has some skank-face making techno to play to us. Certainly waking me up on a wet and windy Wednesday morning. They hope to come and play in the UK in 2013 but in the meantime I’m gonna start saving my pennies…SΓ£o Paulo – uhhh I’m there!

4. Rosie Wonders Jewellery

In particular this necklace but over on Rosie wonders you can get everything from beautiful brooches to handmade prints and cards. Stocked all over London everywhere from Selfridge’s to Harrods you can also sometimes find Rosie and her stall come a Sunday on Brick Lane.

5. Tube Crush

I think these dudes are riding a parallel tube-iverse because the man opposite me on the morning commute, smouldering looks he does not have…morning breath and a the need for 2 seats – oh but of course, a smile to melt hearts? no, no, non.

But fear not my Friday friends because some lucky guys and gals do share a carriage with these urban myths not that I’m really interested, obviously and there is a whole website dedicated to them.

Don’t you just love to ride that rail!

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