Lounge About at The Odeon…

The Odeon has gone for a total Refurb of it it’s Cinema complex at Whiteleys shopping centre. It will reopen to the public on Jaunary 6th a boast a host of new digital technology.

In addition to this there will be the launch of ‘The Lounge’  a luxury 5 screen Cinema with no more than 50 fully reclining seats which will open on the 13th January. It will also offer its paying guests the first ‘fine food and film’ experience after teaming up with culinary expert Rowley Leigh. Cinema goers will have the opportunity to order from their seats will a call button and waiter at their beckon call.


Back in one of my first blog posts I bigged up the Aubin Cinema, a boutique little Cinema run as part of Shoreditch House and hidden away in the basement of the Aubin & Wills Gallery cum Shop. My big thumbs up for this place came from the homely feel the place has. On entering you feel like you’ve found a hidden gem and the bonus of wine and a blanket to get cosy with is even better.

From the sounds of it ‘The Lounge’ will be a vast improvement on the huge cinemas we’re used to from Odeon; the uncomfortable seats and the crunching of Nachos underfoot; and behind you, and in front and from the person sat next to you. Although, I don’t see how anyone will be able to enjoyably sample the no doubt delightful menu. I mean when was the last time you ate Chicken and goats cheese mousse with mesclun and hazelnut toast IN-THE-DARK?


Plus a total pet peeve of anyone who frequents the cinema is the idiot who has downed their MAXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXL Pepsi and has to then get up and shuffle along the row at the crucial part of the film to go and relieve themselves. So how is having a call button that allows you to ring a waiter to your reclined chair, delivering food going to be any better? The idea of someone bobbing back and forward in front of the big screen is just plain annoying.

However I will not fully judge until I have experienced The Lounge myself.


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